Why do you want to do a CrowdFunding campaign?

Since two years ago as we started our research to build the CrowdFunding framework for success, we tried hard to find the answer to the above question. Since then, we have helped many small businesses and entrepreneurs flourish and benefit from the aid of CrowdFunding industry. However, being successful in CrowdFunding is not as easy as it seems and still 75% of campaigns are not successful. It comes with a lot of effort and dedication, but if one puts in the necessary work, they can realize fortunes that go far beyond just the raising of money and building their network.

We spent many hours asking the above question from Crowd Funding issuers, portal owner, experts and surprisingly, we learned "raising capital" was only one of the many reasons and sometime not even the most important one. It is paramount for small businesses and entrepreneurs to pause and ask the above questions (Why do you want to do a CrowdFunding campaign?) and write down all the results before the launch or the re launch of your campaign.

Take your time and complete the following, we guarantee you learn a lot from our research which will benefit you and your CrowdFunding Campaign

Be part of the creator economy and increase your $ocial Capital through CrowdFunding.


Why do you want to do CrowdFunding now!


In CrowdFunding, we get what we put in. When we make a positive impact in someone else dream and idea, we also make a positive impact in our own business.