What is your CrowdFunding Social Media Score?

The trouble with not having a CrowdFunding goal or a plan is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

As you have certainly noticed, “Crowd” becomes before “funding”; and the tools and techniques of social media will become the driver of your fundraising process. We will be asking questions to access your campaign’s and your crowd building capabilities and readiness to grow and influence the “Crowd”.

It is the fundraising potential of the relationships you have already or need to establish which we define as your CrowdFunding “social capital”. By completing this survey, we will be able to help you build your ‘social capital’ and then maximize the funds you raise from these relationships.

In CrowdFunding, your qualified crowds are your main asset thus the more, the  higher chance and probability  of success you have. 
We can assist you in any of the following phases of your CrowdFunding project;
  1. CrowdFunding project research
  2. CrowdFunding project Pre launch phase
  3. CrowdFunding project soft launch phase
  4. CrowdFunding campaign (Campaign Crowd and backers management)
    • At the start
    • When crowd does not come / Set back management)
    • Core backers management / leverage with bakers network
    • At the completion of campaign / backers to life time clients and investors)
Upon your request, Our Crowd Funding mentors will contact you and give you advice on how to;

  1. Build and get your team ready for your crowdfunding campaign Successful CrowdFunding is a true proof of Social Media ROI (return on investment)
  2. Find  and build your crowd investors (Founders) data base
  3. You need to have %40 of your funding funds committed during your Crowdfunding project (pre launch stage)
  4. Use soft launch to build your core investor and flag wavers   
  5. Discover the cloud  since the majority of your CrowdFunding backers and investors live in the cloud.
  6. Maximize your Crowdfunding ROI (return on investment) by providing you:
  • Knowledge of the crowd;
  • Where they live?
  • How to connect with them?
  • How to keep the Crowd Funding campaign’s visitors' interest and bring them back to be your backers  or investors?
  • How transform them from the Interested crowd to your backers and core CrowdFunding evangelist (leverage on your crowd)?
  • How to attract the investors you need to be successful in your CrowdFunding campaign?
  • How to build your investor crowd community ( i.e. CrowdFundingplanning Community)

Our goal is to share our knowledge and the best practices in social media (and social networking) not just so you can understand the “How,” but also the “Why.”.

Complete this questionnaire now and we will contact you with your Social Media score and our assessment for free. 

CrowdFunding Social Media Assessment

CrowdFundingPlanning  Campaign Framework

CrowdFundingPlanning Project Framework