What is CrowdSourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. This process can occur both online and offline.. The difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific body, such as paid employees.

To achieve cost reduction many companies have already applied an outsourcing approach  to business processes, such as customer service or Information Technology development,  adopting standard enterprise software solutions. 
Crowdsourcing is the natural evolution of outsourcing has given better economic returns even where outsourcing is already in place. Companies, both Large and Small/Medium, employ the crowd to perform labor that could alternatively be performed by an assigned group of employees or contractors. But, in order to effectively staff projects or other work  from the crowd, there are six essential elements needed to be in place:
  • Platform: there needs to be a technology platform or marketplace that brings together the project requesters with the crowd.
  • Pool: crowdsourcing requires a sufficiently large and appropriately skilled workforce available to work 
  • Performance: the requester will have performance criteria that describe the successful completion of the task (i.e. Time, quality and/or volume). The requester also will need to be reasonably assured that the engaged worker can do the job (previous similar projects, education or  skills credentials, prescreening or assessment).
  • Product: product or output can vary from low-skilled, high volume  tasks to highly skilled lower volume ones. 
  • Promise: there is a degree of formality needed whereby the crowdsourced  labor is willing to make the commitment  to complete the work in an agreed upon  time window and quality level; on the buyer’s part, the requester needs to commit to reward the worker on terms that are mutually satisfactory. 
  • Payment: to garner trust and crowd satisfaction the workers should be assured of a  prearranged rate of pay commensurate with the work involved.

CrowdSourcing is science a one-man enterprise

Doing much more with much less. This is diametrically opposite to fantasy's romantic images of wizards, the best scientists and entrepreneur  publish and share as quickly as they can.  And even when they have towering egos, they know they aren't doing it alone. 

We all know by producing overseas and launching CrowdSourcing, we tell the world about our idea, techniques, product and services.

The Poster Boy is a good example. Galileo is credited with a number of discoveries during the Gosh-Wow-Look! Era of astronomy.  Yet very few have been uniquely his.  As one member of my blogmunity commented recently: "Marius concluded that Jupiter had moons one day later than Galileo.  David Fabricius published a pamphlet several months before Scheiner made his meticulously documented series of observations, which in turn was a month or two ahead of Galileo.  Harriot as usual, was ahead of everyone, and as usual never published.  Sure, he deserved attention as the sun around which science revolved in his era.... But take Galileo out of the equation, and all the same discoveries are made.  We'd be talking about;
  • Scheiner's sunspots,
  • Fabricius' lunar mountains,  
  • Marius' moons of Jupiter, or 
  • Lembo's phases of Venus!"

Then the solution is to increase the speed of innovation through Crowd Sourcing, Cloud sourcing and finance it through Crowd Funding .

What is CrowdFunding?

CrowdFunding is a subset of of CrowdSourcing . We have asked (CrowdSource) this question through a contest and publish the results at this link  - What is CrowdFunding . The collective crowd wisdom is more than experts wisdom and knowledge.  

This is called "Crowd Wisdom". Please add your wisdom by entering our contest

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