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Frank Quarato

posted Apr 19, 2013, 3:41 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Jan 22, 2014, 12:19 PM by David Khorram ]
Frank Quarato

Frank Quarato -  crowdfundingplanning.com 


Please forgive me for the following explanation of our fifth meeting.


I now know it's not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN our dream becomes a reality.


I must explain it this way.  I want anyone who is trying to amplify their business dreams to look at their project goals like a war zone.  You stand alone in the theater of battle at the base of a hill.  The obstacles before you are great; and for you, retreat is not an option.  Suddenly on the high ground above you stand dark and fierce warriors, too many to count, too many to defeat.  You can recognize them, the naysayers, payroll, fixed costs, variable costs and all the other enemy warriors like lines of credit, vendors and other high interest credit and for them the mercinaries, the fraud marketers and program developers who tear at your bottom line with false claims and battle plans.  ALL are above you seeking the moment they can pounce to darken your dreams.


All alone you stand facing your foe with nothing more than faith, hope and the love of the chance to fight for your dream.  The enemy battle horns sound.  It's the moment of silence before they charge.  You reach over your back to draw your sword from its sheath.  But instead of a singular metallic drag of your sword it thunders as an infinite number and sheens multiple points of the brightest light to cause the enemy to stand down in awe.


You are not alone; You are in a Crowd.  Crowdfundingplanning is your force multiplier.  I say to ANY business person who dares to dream, hear me now my fellow warriors, this is the POWER of Crowdfundingplanning. I simply can't tell you how incredible the experience has been, how clear my ideas now seem to me, how has this happened, from so few sessions?  I now know it's not a matter of if but a matter of when my dream becomes a reality.


In reflection of today's meeting, I think the only thing I can say you will lose by "Session 5" is sleep.  What a wonderful gift from David, Steve, Rafael and ReneeThank you ALL over at the Crowdfundingplanning team.


I love it!


Frank Vincenzo Quarato