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About us
There is not just  "us" , we  are a collective collaboration of  CrowdFundingplanning  community and its members. We started as a few businessmen and MBA and finance academia researching and developing the best start-up  business practices , the road map to raise money for our projects and ideas.

All CrowdFundingplanning intranet web portals are designed Wiki style and members are able to collectively comment, update and improve  the portals and their knowledge base . each page carries the name of participants, members and  their contributions thus promoting their values    

Four factors fundamental helped us to launch  CrowdFundingplanning for our members with no cost and Free;
  1. The Law : The passage of CrowdFunding provisions of the JOBS Act (H.R. 3606 Jump Start Our Business Startups Act) allows companies to raise up to $1 million in capital per year via crowdfunding platforms from individual investors without the requirements to registering with the  SEC.
  2. The Innovation engine:  We knew "  Ideas are cheap, implementation is expensive " . To reduce the cost of development for us and and members , we selected Google Apps and Google business solutions. This allowed us to do  much more with less and  build global collaborative  engine on a secure cloud. We and our members simply focus on our core idea, innovation and competency and allow Google to do what they do best . By adopting Google technology we basically added three new strategy , techniques and tactics to our organization and membership; 1 ) Cloud strategy , 2 ) Networking strategy and 3 ) Cloud strategy  
  3. The Recession Is A Terrible Thing To Waste: Availability  qualified SMBs, Entrepreneurs and new start-ups  and their attempt to build a new life , business  and way out of  the economy  which continues to slowly recover. Many small businesses are struggling to survive. Startups are facing the same challenge of staying afloat long enough to begin to turn a profit and without access to accredited investors, which represents roughly 1 percent of the U.S. population, loans from banks may be the only option. In 2009, U.S. banks posted the sharpest decline in private lending since 1942.  Unfortunately in this scenario, entrepreneurs are often limited to accredited investors and venture capitalist money, which reject 95 percent of new business plans. Due to this lack of capital and access to accredited investors, building a company from scratch in the U.S. at this time is challenging.
  4. The crowdfunding industry: Crowdfunding portals  is  the best new tool for helping to save the U.S. economy. Crowdfunding gives new power to the people by enabling anyone to make a difference by contributing money to the newest innovations, businesses, and causes. It enables the community to support the new businesses responsible for creating jobs by giving them access to funding that wasn’t available before.

Why did you develop   CrowdFundingplanning ?

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door”. Like you ,we had and have many good ideas and needed to know are they practical ( $ ) or useful for humanity?

 We looked for twenty years to find the best practices , the road map and the recipe . We documented our process and with help of Google apps and its business solution ( Google collaborative  applications ) , we organized and digitized  our research an Intranet web site . Then we  made the " door " with fabric of  Search, imagination, effort , risk and Google ( innovation is build in Google DNA)

We also developed it as a  "Wiki" style portal  since we believe on expert sourcing and power of the "crowd" using internet network ( or " the cloud".    

We believe "open systems " , crowd-sourcing  and cloud-sourcing  will allow innovations to get to higher level and to reality  .  We  invite you to join our membership and collaborate with us to add more relative updated  content  and collective of our experiences and knowledge   to make to be the  "door" that opens up  and leads SMBs, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to  success and prosperity .