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We would want to promote you and your CrowdFunding project. Your success is clearly our success !

Our Focus : 

Our main focus; mission and goal are to promote the CrowdFunding community.  We are able to  promote your Business Value proposition to thousands of CrowdFunding fans, investors, backers and other SMBs, Entrepreneurs and Star-ups,  thus promoting supporting and guiding these business ideas to reach their goal, build a product and deliver a service to their targeted market faster and smarter .We offer Free CrowdFunding Consulting and knowledge sharing .

A- Fast and expedited CrowdFunding promotion program  

Who and how we promote: 

CrowdFunding issuers- people that have already launched a CrowdFunding campaign  that needs fast and rapid CrowdFunding campaign promotions, follwoers  and backers .

By now you know;

  1. When you bring 30% of the required traffic to your campaign  you get a chance that CrowdFunding portal managemers help you with the other 70%
  2.  CrowdFunding portal is a business , They have to generate revenue in order to be able to support their infrastructure . In daily basis they get 100 campaigns launched on their websites and they have to pick the winners . If you bring 30 % ( you are a winner) , they use their database ( email addresses from the past and their portal 1st page ) and help you with the 70%. They love to make money with you ( around 10% of your successful funding) 
  3. How can we help you when you already started your campaign ? ( you already Jump off the cliff and building your wing in the way down ):
    1. We know we have less than 60 to 30 days, thus we need to use our infrastructure to promote you campaign:  
      1. First, using Your Video in less than 22 days ;
        1. We optimize the video content for relevant key phrases 
        2. We upload your optimized video to CrowdFundingPlanning YouTube channel ( Social Media channel) and get you between 30,000 to 50,000 views , reviews or likes.
        3. We upload your video over 35+ other video servers
        4. We add to Your video Subscribers 
        5. We build backlinks to the video and will try hard to get it to the 1st page of  search . This will help you during and after your CrowdFunding Campaign ( Go to market ) 
      2. Second , we use your CrowdFunding campaign URL and above video URL and spin 20 different  messages and tag lines  in our Social Media and communities every 15 minutes for 30 to 60 days. This includes;
        1. Twitter accounts ( 60,000 +  followers ) 
        2. FaceBook accounts ( 20,000 likes )  
        3. Pinterest account
        4. Linkedin Account and Groups ( 2200+ in account  
        5. Google Plus accounts and Groups  ( 2200+ in account and 1000+ in communities 
      3. Third, your campaign website 
        1.  If you have a website we will  spin it in our social media accounts
        2. If you do not have one , we will;
          1. Build a 5 page website in fabric of Google
          2. Load it up to Google server via Google Apps
          3. Add a button call Preorder or Join us and link it to your Campaign 
          4. Send you a portal on how to use your website and how add blog content
          5. Make it ready for after CrwodFunding campaign 
            1. Shopping Cart
            2. Fulfillment software
            3. Email marketing software
            4. Help desk software
            5. Client relationship management software ( CRM ) 
            6. Database inventory software
            7. ERP business life cycle software
            8. Training and more 
      4. We have additional promotional packages and programs that can boost your campaign 
      5. The best is for you to contact us directly at 949-442-6666 ext 103 or 

A- Fast and expedited CrowdFunding promotion program 

Who, we promote: 

This includes and not limited to:
  1. CrowdFunding issuer campaign (during the launch)  and project (before and after the launch)
  2. CrowdFunding Portal/Website of all kinds 
    • Donation
    • Pre-sell / Pre-built / Pre-order
    • Award
    • Equity
    • Peer to peer 
    • Others
  3. CrowdFunding professional services
    • Crowd builders
    • Social media and PR experts
    • Cloud builders /  Cloud sourcing
    • Attorneys 
    • IP specialist
    • Web designers 
    • Accountant
    • Manufacturer 
    • And you which is not listed here.
  4. CrowdFunding promoters 
    • Seminars / Conferences
  5. Boot Camps 
  6. VC events
  7. Etc. 

How, we promote: 

  1. We know your majority Crowd backers and investors ( the crowd ) , lives in the Cloud . Thus,  we promote both your ;
    1. Crowdfunding  project ( pre launch ) and campaign crowd
    2. Operational cloud
  2. We use our collective CrowdFunding knowledge, experiences, and mentors.  
  3. We  have Google Apps  trained staff and over ten years of  internet marketing and social media marketing experiance 
  4.  We leverage all of them and more using Google business solution and marketing and promote your CrowdFunding Campaign like a Fortune 500 company but with Small business budget . 

  5. You can pick from more than 100 promotional and project building services and products  , choose and / or  

    bundle our services as listed below : 

Please complete the questionnaire below and we will start working on promoting you. After all, we promoted our values and key phrases and you found us here. You are our references

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Promote My CrowdFunding Now!