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CrowdFunding Framwork - 7 part CrowdFunding videos - 7 CrowdFunding project pillars

posted Apr 21, 2013, 11:52 AM by David Khorram   [ updated May 17, 2013, 9:15 AM ]

CrowdFundingFrameworks .com
  1. Depressed with your CrowdFunding project or campaign ?
  2. Our knowledge sharing and its framework program which consists of seven (7) sessions. This will provide you with CrowdFunding project  ( before the launch )  help and CrowdFunding campaign ( after the launch ) or  campaign re launch assistance  . In this program you learn via Video and consultation ;
    1.  Introduction and assessment session
      1. Watch the 30 minute video introducing the knowledge share and its framework (Free and at no cost)
      2. 30 minutes to an hour CrowdFunding consultation , scoring and assessment  (Free and at no cost ) 
    2. The cloud and how to take advantage of Cloudsourcing in your CrowdFunding project
      1. How to leverage with Google business apps and the cloud  in your CrowdFunding  project and campaign ?
      2. Google Apps - Your operations in the cloud - reduce cost increase efficiency
      3. Google business solutions  and applications - Weaving Google fabric into your Crowd Funding project.
    3. The Crowd building (The crowd comes 1st before the funding) . Learn:
      1. Who is your crowd
      2. Where is your crowd
      3. How to make a community
      4. How to make your crowd to be your campaign bakers and project investors
    4. The Business intelligence. DNA of your CrowdFunding campaign . 
      1. Develop strategy , techniques and tactics
      2. Google Search literacy  - operands, Boolean and search strings
      3. Business Intelligence and automation 
      4. Relevancy , brand and reputation and competition monitoring 
      5. CrowdFunding research tools 
    5. The CrowdFunding campaign complete blueprint . ( Do you build a home without a blueprint ? )
      1. CrowdFunding strategy - Project Advisory    
      2. CrowdFunding technical - Project  Creation 
      3. CrowdFunding tactical -Campaign Management 
    6. The CrowdFunding Project "Best Practices" 
      1. Top Campaign Specific Lessons, Steps, Processes, & Procedures we have learned
      2. Going deep into the elements of a successful Crowd Funding campaign and build a customized plan to fit your need 
    7. LEGAL ISSUES, STRUCTURES & IMPLICATIONS IN CROWDFUNDING, a 30 minute conference call: Discuss:
      1. Business structure and current financial status
      2. Business operators, owners, (directors)and lenders
      3. Business properties and proprietary assets
      4. Business consultants and advisers
      5. Product status, competition, and strategies

Are you ?

  1. Happy with your CrowdFunding project progress ? 
  2. Depressed with your CrowdFunding project or campaign ?

Lets for a moment focus on two tasks:

Does Progress means
happiness ? Happiness is ProgressTry to find part of  of your  Crowdfunding project which you are happy with? Write down the real 

  1. Do you have a CrowdFunding plan, road map, formula or blueprint ?
    Try to find part of of your Crowdfunding which you are  unhappy with?
    1. Does lack of progress means ambiguity and  Stagnation ? Stagnation is unhappiness

7 part Crowd Funding Framework video
series To make sure you can progress with your Crowd Funding  project , We have this  breakthrough product:
    1. crowdFunding blueprint to give you the framework you need to innovate , progress and measure your success on daily bases

    2. A portal that will assist  you with your Innovation.  A step by step educational and knowledge sharing videos, and our mentors' consultation as you needed
      1. Innovation is all about learning and fastest learning is through video and collaboration with experts

Your Choices:

If you have not completed your Crowd Funding tasks and project , You have two choices  :
  1. Blame it on something , event or someone else now and next ten years . 
  2. Change your CrowdFunding blueprint and approach . Happiness is  Progress
Your Blueprint is a projection of  what you need to have in order to progress.

You can contact us for Free consultation , watch our knowledge sharing videos , attend our online webinars and seminars and break through your CrowdFunding success .


The art of avoiding traditional venture capital or bank debt financing by appealing directly to your community, crowd, future customers and concern individuals  .. Swimming with fish and not the sharks 

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