Our Team

CrowdFundingPlanning.com is a Business planning, Advisory, Education and Mentoring entity for the New Venture to use CrowdfFunding Methods to get “Seed Funding & Start Up Resources” for your innovative Product, Service or events.   This establishes Brand Identity, while securing a Crowd of initial  core-supporters and customers, using the Cloud and Social media marketing.  This low cost business support system positions you to seek Secondary Funding in the Angel, Private Equity or Venture Capital environments, with a validated Business Concept and Marketplace.

When you work with CrowdFunding Planning Mentors and consultants ( www.CrowdFundingMentors.com), you can be assured that your crowd funding project and campaign is being managed by professionals with proven experience;

  • CrowdFunding
  • CrowdSourcing
  • CrowdBuilding
  • Cloud Building
  • Social  media
  • Journalist, Script writing and story book developers
  • Public relations and publicity training 
  • Web, Blog and video channel design and deployment 
  • Video Production
  • Best Business Practices
  • Legal and IP Expert
  • Accountant and cost estimators 
  • Experience and successful business development team
  • Marketing and Branding professionals
  • Operation and fulfillment specialist 
Our team consists of experts in Crowd Funding projects and business, engineering, product development, legal and IP, social media and marketing. We have developed  the first CrowddFunding project Frame work and road map to get your from where you are to where you want to be. 

Our Goal is simple, to manage a successful Crowd Funding campaign, raising the seed money you need and be able to create an infrastructure that get you to the next stage. With Google cloud infrastructure, crowd-Sourced and expert source talents, proof of concept and crowd support, now you are able to have a better chance to be among the 2% that get accepted by Angle investors or and venture caps.

Please contact us with your questions and comments, we can assist you with :
  • Crowdfunding platforms 
  • Crowddfunding startups strategy 
  • Largest crowdfunding projects 
  • How to get crowdfunding ? 
  • How to get crowdfunding for my business ? 
  • Crowdfunding business startup 
  • Crowdfunding your startup 
  • Crowd funding website developments

Our Mentors top 20 Crowd Funding campaign advice:

  1. The crowd comes first before Funding - Start early
  2. Crowd lives in the cloud. Build your office virtual and your cloud and operation using Google Apps /leverage with Google
  3. Build your crowd six mounts ahead
  4. First make sure you understand what is CrowdFunding. Then, make sure your crowd knows what is Crowd Funding six months ahead of the campaign (suggestion : email this video to them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c25bW9rTEe8
  5. Crowd Funding is a campaign with a milestone. A Crowd Funding without  a solid plan is just a wish and waste of  your valuable time  
  6. Do not think of doing it alone. Build your team (www.CrowdFundingMentors.com)
  7. Create the best video you can / show you are an entrepreneur and not an actor. Think of the video as your visual business plan and your global pitch.
  8. Give away good perks, but watch for shipping cost and fulfillment cost before you launch 
  9. Use a lot of images
  10. Build the best web portal you can prompt value. SEO as hard as you can (white hat)
  11. Find your vertical, build your
  12. Do you risk mediation 
  13. Come up with your funding requirement, then multiply it by  three (3) 
  14. Build your backer through Social media portals and; 
    1. Email list
    2. Phone list
    3. Family list
    4. Friends list
    5. Friend of friends list
    6. Blogs' list
    7. Press list
    8. Association list 
  15. Your backers are your best cheerleaders,  salesmen, treat them very well 
  16. Build your database of core backers  work with them as your QA and mentors 
  17. Remember you ran out of your crowd support and funding within 3 weeks of your campaign, then plan for what then?
  18. Remember, you are committed to delivering after  you raised the Fund, then what? 
    1. Support staff
    2. Support software (CRM, help desk, accounting, ERP...etc. ) 
    3. Manufacturer support / production
  19. Check to make sure you have not been copied. Monitor Google search and blogs  
  20. Take a vacation and get ready for then next run and always have a plan B