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The CrowdFundingPlanning  is asking the CrowdFunding Ecosystem (SMBs,  Entrepreneurs, CrowdFuning Mentors, Experts, Investors, Intermediaries and crowdfunding portals)  to take a survey to see how much they know about and are aware of  successful Crowd Funding  campaigns  and the upcoming changes regarding Equity based  Crowd Funding as provided in  the  JOBS Act  ( Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act - HR3606).  

The JOBS Act will empower businesses to seek up to $ 1 million in equity per year from small investors through online CrowdFunding portals. The Act requires the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)  to define regulatory relinquishment  that will govern  Equity based CrowdFunding  by December 31, 2012.
The Goal  behind the survey is to find out:
  1. Are you considering  CrowdFunding as a method to  raise funds for your business
  2. Do you believe CrwodFunding can be learned and mastered?
  3. Do you need CrowdFunding's guidelines, latest information, know how and best practices?
  4. Would you like to connect with  local CrowdFunding Experts and network with them 
  5. What businesses and individuals have  heard and  know or understand about CrowdFunding
  6. What they find most exciting about  CrowdFunding
  7. How they plan to take advantage of CrowdFunding  once the SEC implements the rules for such investments.  
  8. CrowdFunding Planning will  award  three (3) Google Chrome Books  for three of the first 300 people who respond to the survey. The winner will be randomly selected by our board of advisers 

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