"Thank you for your support!" thousands of of web and video viewers  across the country sustain  our CrowdFunding . And you the CrowdFunding issuer, portals, professional services, event organizers, corporate sponsors, philanthropists & foundations play a key role in promoting the creator economy .

CrowdFunding Planning key mission is CrowdFunding education to Establish a framework within which we can create and add value to the CrowdFunding community.

We love to promote you and your CrowdFunding portal, campaign and business.  

Here's are few  easy way to help keep CrowdFunding Planning strong. 

#1- First, Make a contribution and support us. We say thank you and will promote your cause in our CrowdFunding channels. 
#2- Speak out about the important role of CrowdFunding and its education in your community and businesses around your community and across the nation. 
#3- Learn about CrowdFunding and how it works and get involved.
#4- Join us and share your knowledge as;
  • One of our CrowdFunding mentors
  • Our CrowdFunding Daily News Guest speaker
  • A Content developer and publisher 
  • A suggestion. We are open to new ideas

CrowdFunding Planning  has a tiered “ sponsorship” approach to accept  funds from CrowdFunding community and individuals, with “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver”, “Bronze” and “Green” sponsor levels (“Platinum” being the highest). The “Supporter” level is aimed at individuals who would like to make a contribution to CrowdFunding Planning  .  

Each sponsor level includes unique benefits that are available to participant for a period of one year after the sponsorship commitment.

Sponsorship Program:

  Annual participation $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $3,500 $1,000 $500   Annual Designation Platinum  Gold Silver Bronze Green Supporter

Supporters and Sponsors


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