SMBs, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Investors
Your Complete Solution for CrowdFunding

Establish a framework within which we can create and add value to the CrowdFunding community,
without it, we just have an associations  is a Google based open CrowdSourcing platform for :
  • SMBs, Startups, and Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding
  • CrowdFunding Expert Professional Service Providers 
  • Investors seeking well planned opportunities to fund and support

CrowdFundingPlanning is Your Complete Solution for a Fast and Successful CrowdFunding campaign empowering you with CrowdFunding :

  • Easy Step by Step Training Portals ( Donation, reward and equity based CF) 
  • Best Practices Portals with videos and live updates
  • Simple fill in the blanks collaborative templates
  • Discovery workshops and Networking Conferences 
  • Ready to help your business with Mentors, Experts and Consultants
  • Customized Google Innovation Engines to scale and leverage your business concept
  • Business Development Portal - From Concept to Reality, Reality to Revenue
  • Crowd building Best Practices Portal  
  • Google learning center portal with video training and live webinars 
  • Pre launch and Sandbox portal
  • CrowdFunding campaign consultancy
  • CrowdFunding social media campaign consultancy ( Your social capital) 
  • CrowdFunding CrowdSourcing consultancy     
CrowdFunding is Here! Donation and reward based portals are available.  Equity Based CrowdFunding (JOBSAct) to be enacted following the SEC final draft of regulations, qualifications and certifications.  Stay tuned for the current, most up-to-date and accurate information on CrowdFunding.




Nedi Safa, song writer launched a campaign for Autism awareness. The song "Not a One of Us" was a song inspired and dedicated to her son who lives with Autism. Her campaign was launched on July 19, 2012 via Kickstarter with not much success at the beginning. More...

The best thing crowdsourcing does is connect people who have needs to the people who can fulfill them. To this end, you have everything you need to start your new business; from finding funding to locating business partners to crowdsourcing your own market research, the ‘Net has your back. If you’ve got a killer idea, and can use a computer, you can start a business. More...

David Endler and Pedram Amini, two longtime Austin friends and computer security experts, wanted some early feedback on a software product called Jumpshot that they will soon launch. So they are taking it for a marketing test drive. More...




CrowdFundingPlanning is a Complete Solution for a Fast and Successful CF campaign empowering SMBs, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, CF Expert Professionals and Investors Community.  The Power of the Crowd, Expert & Cloud Sourcing !



CrowdFundingBestPractices is a Complete Solution for a Fast and Successful CF campaign empowering SMBs, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, CF Expert Professionals and Investors Community.  Power of Crowd, Expert and Cloud Sourcing! - CF -Donation and Reward types !


CrowdFundingNavigator is a Step by Step CrowdFunding  Compliances, Tools and the Best Practices to launch "Idea to Reality, Reality to Funding". Planning for CrowdFunding the Smart Way Now! - CF -Equity type



CrowdFundingMentor is  a Local Mentors, Coaches, Consultants, and Professionals dedicated to your CrowdFunding campaign. 


CrowdFundingConferenceSeminars is Live CrowdFunding Educational Seminars, Conferences and Boot Camps . Meet and Learn from CrowdFunding Experts. 



An Approved Due Diligence Process and CrowdFunding Validation 





CrowdfundingPlanning promotes Collaboration, Culture Development, Knowledge enablement, and Innovation empowerment.

CrowdFunding Road Map 
From idea to reality & from reality to revenue
Your “intrinsic motivation and idea” Navigator 
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