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The official 7 Part CrowdFunding Framework is designed to provide you with a proven road map that will give you the best environment for a successful CrowdFunding campaign.  Where others try to sell you CrowdFunding as a vehicle, we help you build the vehicle. 
We invite you to contact us and take part of the first part of our framework - CrowdFunding Assessment.
In this session we will focus on, "where are you now?" with your project and "what do you have in mind?".  These are crucial questions that need to be understood before any meaningful CrowdFunding planning can be started.  Our main objective during this meeting is to give you an initial platform to talk about your idea.  We often find that talking about your idea openly with others and receiving constructive feedback will let you know if CrowdFunding is right for you and if you are prepared to take this journey. 
There are many people out there who are like to say that CrowdFunding is easy.  The reality is successful CrowdFunding campaigns take a lot of real work, planning and strategy - even before a campaign is launched.  In fact, we believe that 80% of your success during the campaign will be what you do before you launch. In this journey, one has to be prepared for possible challenges and sometimes frustrations.  But the end results can be well worth it. 
 Before we meet, we would like to give you peace-of-mind by having a mutually responsible Non-Disclosure agreement signed so we can have open discussions about your project and our framework. Rest assured, CrowdFunding Planning is primarily a Consulting, Mentoring, and Managing firm. When we work together, our focus is to help you reach your CrowdFunding goal and not to work against you.
Our team consists of experts in CrowdFunding campaigns, business planning, product development, Legal and Intellectual Property, Social Media and Marketing, and Cloud Computing.
When you work with CrowdFunding Planning, know that your CrowdFunding campaign will be managed by professionals with proven experience.  From pitch development, to campaign development, pre-launch, soft launch, launch, and post launch - we are your premier CrowdFunding consultants.
Today's CrowdFunding is constantly evolving in a positive way.   $1.5 Billion was raised globally through CrowdFunding in 2011.  This number doubled in 2012 and global CrowdFunding is set to again double to approximately $6 Billion in 2013. 
In an age where the traditional lending options are limited for start-up ventures - Crowdfunding is poised to grow and become well entrenched into the financing culture. 
If you have had an idea that you know is something the mass market will appreciate and needs - now is the best time to try and make it a reality.
Think you are ready to make your idea a reality with CrowdFunding?   Contact us now to schedule your Free Assessment and let's get started. 

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 CrowdFunding: Where the Creator Economy is replacing the old Industrial and Consumer Economies!
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