CrowdFunding Planning is focused on CrowdFunding education, promotion and consulting

Working on a global CrowdFunding education project, We are planning to co-create the first CrowdFunding Wiki based E-book. This "E-book" will be developed as an open wiki document.

This a CrowdFunding E-book developed as a Crowd Expert Sourced project. (The Wisdom of Crowds:The Many Are Smarter Than the Few and the Collective Wisdom Shapes CrowdFunding Business and Economies 

Our Goals are:
    • Find and Collaborate with CrowdFunding like-minded people and communities.
    • To interact with people who amplify, invest, convene, build, learn & facilitate CrowdFunding .
    • To ensure more effective creation and sharing of CrowdFunding knowledge and best practices to raise funds and innovate efficiently and effectively.
    • Develop and build the Cloud based collaborative E-book system using Google fabric (Success, scalability and collaborative tools)   

CrowdFunding  has always been our lab and R/D website, thus what you see here is the start (wire frame / prototype). The yellow highlighted subjects have hyperlinks to the content presently being developed (before editing and proofreading stage) 

If you like to join and be a co-creator and collaborator, please contact me at and just mention the word "E-Book"  and what area  or chapter(s) you be interested to collaborate on. Your name, organization and participation will be recorded and mentioned as a footnote in its receptive pages.

Following is an outline one of the sub chapters and the mind map of the E-Book and  examples of its contents. 
  1. Camp Dev.- Set the budget - CrowdFunding campaign development
  2. Camp Dev.- Category research and selection 
  3. Camp Dev.- CrowdFunding portal registration requirement 
  4. Camp Dev.- CrowdFunding campaign layout - Video - pictures - content - award details.
  5. Camp Dev.-CrowdFunding "ask" Video  
  6. Camp Dev.- Team Bio
  7. Camp Dev.- Campaign name
  8. Camp Dev.- Campaign short pitch
  9. Camp Dev.- Campaign - Social media pitch
  10. Camp Dev.- Campaign duration
  11. Camp Dev.- Campaign Funding amount- Goal and strategy 
  12. Camp Dev.- Funding Targets
  13. Camp Dev.- CrowdFunding campaign expense Budgeting - shipping and production - P&L
  14. Camp Dev. awards / reward development 
  15. Camp Dev.- Awards / reward story
  16. Camp Dev.- Award Pricing
  17. Camp Dev.- Final Category
  18. Camp Dev.- Campaign Cost analysis
  19. Camp Dev.- Portal selection 
  20. Camp Dev.- Portal registration 
  21. Camp Dev. Other promotions (I.e. TV promotionpress releasesMajor actor or actors endorser)