CrowdFundingplanning and CrowdFundingMentors do not verify the legitimacy or veracity of the information entered in it by the entrepreneur, our staff, consultant and clients.  CrowdFunding Planning promotes a "framework and best practices" platform for information to be collected, communicated, discussed and disclosed, for the purpose of  due diligence  by current and future Crowdfunding issuers and investors, to reduce the level of fraud and risk.  However, at no point and in no shape or form does CrowdFundingPlanning and/or CrowdFundingMentors make any guarantees as to the correctness of information, the success/failure of any Crowd Funding campaign, nor the usage of funds collected by proposal owners.  We also have a business attorney and IP specialist attending our Knowledge sharing and CrowdFunding assessment sessions to advise issuers with best practices.