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CrowdFunding Planning Daily News TV - 12/13/2012 - A 30 Minute Daily Dose of CrowdFunding Knowledge

posted Dec 14, 2012, 10:48 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Jan 10, 2013, 2:25 PM by SeoWebPower Webmaster ]

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Hi, my name is David Khorram
And My name is Steve Gutierrez

Today is Thursday , DEC 13, 2012 & this is the Broadcast of CFDNews TV

"We are CrowdFunding Guys"

Our Passion is CrowdFunding, in all it’s forms and flavors!

This video show is produced to provide you with most relevant and daily CrowdFunding news, campaign and information, this is to save time.Quality. Value. Convenience you expect with 30 minutes daily dose of CrowdFunding knowledge

We will Focus on the top 5 crowdfunding News items for the Day:

1) Stalled Crowdfunding Rules Leave Business Plans on Ice

   The Wall Street journal addresses the Issue we @CFDN & CFP called attention to late last week,  when we requested our listeners to launch the “Twinkie Surge” ( regarding the Hostess Company CrowdFunding efforts to re-fund ) and notify the White House, Congress and the US Sentate to pressure the SEC to get the JOBS ACT rules and regulations written and released so the HR3606 can be implemented and the small StartUP business can get their idea developed and the economy can start supporting to natural Job growth. The WSJ highlights, Corvallis-based Mega Tech of Orgeon and its CEOSchroder who is targeting to add 15 new employees to help meet demand. What is holding him back? Right now, it is unclear what will be possible under the law and what 
kind of information he would be required to provide investors under the still-to-be drafted rules. 

Another business awaiting regulators' decisions is Pizza Lounge, a fledgling restaurant chain, whose co-owner Gil Aouizerat wants to raise up to $250,000 in equity sales through a crowdfunding site to open a fourth location, in San Clemente, Calif. Mr. Aouizerat believes raising funds on an equity crowdfunding website would "turbocharge our growth." He says he is frustrated by the slow pace of the rule-making process.

Let’s remind our Legislators, that we need JOBS and CrwodFunding will help in that process. (241)

2) FORBES : Crowdfunding Predictions for 2013

  2012 was quite a year for the crowdfunding industry. In April, President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law, which will open up equity-based crowdfunding for unaccredited investors. In May, the Pebble E-Paper Watch set a crowdfunding record and gained national media headlines, raising over $10 million on donation-based crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Research firm Massolution estimates the crowdfunding industry (equity + donation + lending +reward crowdfunding) will grow from $1.5 billion in 2011 to $2.8 billion in 2012.

So what will 2013 Bring:
  1. The implementation of the JOBS Act will not lead to an explosion in crowdfunding in 2013.Why will it be smaller? a) timing – rule implementation will take longer than everyone expects; b) adjustment period- it will take time for all participants (companies, investors, lawyers, platforms, etc) to understand and adapt to the rules in an efficient way; c) fewer (good) companies will care – raising capital for most companies is a challenge

  2. Donation based crowdfunding sites will differentiate or die.Kickstarter has jumped out to a commanding lead among donation based crowdfunding portals, other donation sites will need to differentiate and own a particular niche to stay relevant, 

  3. Angel Groups Will Embrace Equity Crowdfunding. The facts are simple. Online platforms, includingCircleUp, provide an improved company and investor experience. Angel groups will remain strong, as the best groups provide education, support and tools for members that go beyond just deal flow, but I expect more groups to seek out partnerships with top platforms. Crowdfunding will again be a dominant topic at this April’s Angel Capital Association’s meeting in San Francisco, as group manager and the Angels themselves find the best way to capitalize on the growing movement.
CONSOLIDATION : Over time during 2013 and beyond there to be a flight to quality among crowdfunding portals which will kick-off a cycle that allows only the highest quality crowdfunding sites to thrive. Just as public market investors do not maintain 10 brokerage accounts, crowdfunding investors will not use 10 portals. (348).

3) 4 Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign from Forbes

  If you want to make your company a major player, you cannot just rely on your own resources, you’ll need outside funding. The good news is that there’s an alternative to loans, and angel and venture capital financing. Crowdfunding allows you to use the power of social media and the internet to to fund your projects via websites, such as Kickstarter and Rockethub, which coordinate the transaction. Fortunately, guides have begun to map the best routes to success. Here are four ways to ensure your crowdfunding campaign is a success:

Prime the pump: The best way to show that others already trust you is by showing that others are already supporting your crowdfunding campaign. line up commitments from friends and family so on day one you look successful.

Build your network before you need it: In order to be successful in online 
fundraising, you need to have social media juice — lots of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and email subscribers so your message can go viral

Tell an engaging story: “The crowd” funds when they feel a direct connection to a great idea, a game changer, a superior management team or a personal value like giving back.

Offer something tangible: “Rewards can be a powerful incentive that convert people to fund and support your project.

4) 5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Track Social Media ROI

  Google Analytics will track the traffic that is coming onto your website from each different social site, giving you an overview of your social media marketing campaign in one convenient place.

  1. Use the conversions report to prove ROI from social media. What is a conversions report? From Google Analytics website: “The Conversions report shows conversion rates and the monetary value of conversions that occurred due to visits from social networks.” Make sure to have conversion goals setup, whether you are tracking a lead, sale, or other microconversion, such as a click or download.

  2. Are people sharing your content? Knowing what they are sharing can give you valuable clues as to what really engages your market, and therefore what do give them more of. Configure Google Analytics for “sharing reports.”

  3. As social media sites continue to emerge, it’s important to know which ones to spend your time on. If you are sharing your content across dozens of social sites, which are the ones that are bringing you the most traffic? To find out, use what Google calls, “social sources.”

  4. Does your website need to be optimized for mobile use? Find out how much of your traffic is referring to your website from a mobile, web connected device such as a phone or a tablet.

CrowdFunding Campaign Review:

Spark: Upgrade your lights with Wi-Fi and apps

Spark: Upgrade your lights with Wi-Fi and Apps
Issuer: Spark Devices Portal: Kickstarter Pitch: Spark is a simple product that connects your lights to the internet so you can control them from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. URL: Attempting to raise: $250,000 Funded amount: $125,603 Days left: 31 Campaign Video: Very heart worming video - emotional intelligence. Reward QTY and Quality: 10 - from $10 to 10,000 partners - hey big spender, lets talk Review: The Spark Socket screws into any standard lightbulb socket, and connects to the internet over the Wi-Fi connection in your home, so that you can control your lights from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Spark can make your life simpler, more streamlined and — just maybe — a little more fun... This is available for pre order via the website

The Herb Wheel: Spice up your kitchen life

The Herb Wheel: Spice up your kitchen life
Issuer: B.P. Storn Portal: Kickstarter Pitch: The Herb Wheel is a perfect kitchen-companion for chefs of all kinds with a wide array of foods and the herbs that best accompany them. URL: Attempting to raise: $2,500 Funded amount: $10,934 Days left: 7 Campaign Video: Love the story , Love the music background ,Sincere Reward QTY and Quality: 14 - $1 - $100 - Read the last reward Review: Grandma Storn was an amazing woman: smart, well-educated, and strong. Grandma and grandpa met while gettting their pharmacy degrees at Cincinnati's School of Pharmacology in the 1930's. She was his biology tutor and we are still not sure if grandpa really needed the help or not. They graduated together in 1936 and started their family shortly thereafter. Then around 1944 they bought an existing pharmacy on the corner of 6th & Washington Avenues in Newport, Kentucky, during an era when The Syndicate ran the city. (I have many stories about them during this time but we'll save that for another day.)

The First Sustainably Built Natural Fiber Bicycle Helmet

The First Sustainably Built Natural Fiber Bicycle Helmet
Issuer: Design – Corvallis, Oregon, United States Portal: Indiegogo Pitch: Tree Piece: Digitally designed, machine built, hand crafted helmets. Beautiful, functional & custom. Sustainably built in Oregon. Impact Tested in CPSC Labs. URL: Attempting to raise: $27,000 Funded amount: $17,000 Days left: 5 Campaign Video: N/A Reward QTY and Quality: 13 $10-$375 Review: Our objective is to fully certify the first lines of natural fiber bicycle helmets. We want to show that natural materials can work as well and better than the synthetics we are so accustomed to. Thus far, all of our prototypes have succeeded in preliminary testing at anaccredited CPSC laboratory. We need your help to get 2 models fully certified for bicycle use. See for more info.

CrowdFunding Quote of the Day:

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. 
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

Major Development in the CrowdFunding Industry:

Ontario Minister Joins Crowd in Push for Crowdfunding Exemption

  At the recent Technicity conference in Toronto, Brad Duguid, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, expressed support for introducing equity crowdfunding in Ontario. Recognizing the need to keep innovators on the north side of the border, Minister Duguid explained that “it’s really important that Ontario keep pace if not even try to get out in front [of the US] if we can do that in a way that ensures protection for consumers and investors.”

Canadian proponents of crowdfunding have encouraged our regulators to adopt crowdfunding measures introduced in the U.S. in the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (the JOBS Act). The JOBS Act was ratified in April 2012. After some delay, the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act are currently expected to come into force some time in mid-2013.

Side Note: Again .Twinkie Surge call White house, Congress & Sentate to Get SEC rules

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