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CrowdFunding Planning Daily News TV - 12/07/2012 - A 30 Minute Daily Dose of CrowdFunding Knowledge

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Hi, my name is David Khorram
And My name is Steve Gutierrez

Today is 12/7/2012 and you are watching the broadcast of CFNewsTV, “CrowdFunding Daily News TV”

"We are CrowdFunding Guys / We are CrowdFunding Guys."

Our Passion is CrowdFunding, in all it’s forms and flavors!.

This video show is produced to provide you with most relevant and daily CrowdFunding news, campaign and information, this is to save time.Quality. Value. Convenience you expect with 30 minutes daily dose of CrowdFunding knowledge.

CFDN Focus on the top 5 crowdfunding News items for the Day:

1) How Crowdfunded Hardware Makers Hit It Big In 2012

Crowdfunding pioneers Indiegogo and Kickstarter opened up their fundraising platforms in 2008
and 2009 respectively, but 2012 may be the first year that tech investors and entrepreneurs took
crowdfunding very seriously.

Hardware projects especially grew into full-fledged businesses after humble beginnings. Most
notabily: Pebble Technology @ $10.27 Million
SkullCandy, Lemnos Labs / Bia Sport and many others
have raised Millions thru the use of Donation, Pre-Order, & Charitable CrowdFunding

VCs have been looking for excuses to get out of investing in companies that they don’t believe
in since the beginning of time. They say no to startups for a million reasons. When you raise a
good amount of money and interest [through crowdfunding] you can show them, and yourself,
immediate validation that you are doing the right thing.” (146)

2) Crowdfunding takes early hit in MassachusettsCrowdfunding takes early hit in Massachusetts

The Bay State charges two firms with fraudulent securities sales in an enforcement effort
regarding the small, but potentially vast arena of CrowdFunding. Commonwealth Secretary
William Galvin filed fraud charges against two out-of-state oil and gas operations in connection
with their sale of unregistered securities to Massachusetts investors. Both Prodigy Oil and Gas
LLC and Synergy Oil LLC of Oklahoma are allegedly involve the sale of unregistered securities
to investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission has yet to write and publish the Equity
based CrowdFunding rules, that have been stressed that it is important for the SEC commission
to include 'bad actor' rules.

“An analysis of Internet domain names by state and Canadian securities regulators found nearly
8,800 domains with 'crowdfunding' in their name as of Nov. 30, up from fewer than 900 at the
beginning of the year,” NASAA said in a statement. “Of these websites, about 2,000 contained
content, more than 3,700 had no content and more than 3,000 appeared to be 'parked' and
serving as placeholders to reserve a domain name for later use or sale. Of the domains with
'crowdfunding' in their name, about 6,800 have appeared since April 2012, when the JOBS Act
was signed into law.”

The SEC clearly needs to complete and publish those rules and regulations to ensure the
benefits of the CrowdFunding, Capital Formation Methodologies effectively supports the
Business Commnuity and the Public Investor, to help grow the Stagnent American Economy.

3) Crowdfunding site "Christie Street" one-ups Kickstarter with audits, backer refunds

On Kickstarter and most crowdfunding platforms, the conventional wisdom is "backer beware" —
just because a product gets funded doesn't mean it will ever see the light of day. One
entrepreneur has launched a competing crowdfunding platform for products that will address this
issue, ....Funds will be dispersed in thirds so that backers can get a partial refund if a product 
fails to achieve a pre-production prototype or a manufacturing sample. Options are available to
validate campaigns with manufacturing industries experts and a formal Campaign review
Process targeted to ensure Viability. Additionally, Investors may be able to insure their
"investments" in order to preserve their entire investment for a premium or fee. This is an
ongoing effort and additional information will be available here at CFDN as we track this effort.

4) Peer-to-peer lenders welcome step towards regulation
LONDON (Reuters) - The peer-to-peer lending industry has welcomed a commitment by the
British government to regulate the internet-based financiers, describing it as a "watershed
moment". This parallels the efforts here in the USA to bring understandable guidelines to the
Debt & Equity based CrowdFunding Methodologies as Authorized under the JOBS ACT 2012.
The crowdfunding industry has developed in response to reduced bank lending for small and
medium-sized businesses because of tougher capital rules and greater regulatory scrutiny. As
well as making sure that individuals are aware of the inherent risk involved with putting money in
start-ups, the industry wants to ensure that platforms vet businesses adequately to avoid
scams. Views differ about how to tackle these risks without stifling an increasingly important
source of funding, and the matter is complicated by the varying rules already in place in different
countries. Here in the USA, we are anticipating that the SEC and the other co-ordinated

Financial regulatory entities will complete their efforts and complete the authorization process in
early 2013. (182)

It seems the New in this cycle is all about Regulations and the assertion that CrowdFunding in the USA, North America will be a fair, upright and Validated process. Our Final article of the day covers:

5) NASAA Fires Off Warning as Crowdfunding Accelerates 

Crowdfunding’s presence on the Internet has exploded in recent months, and the North American
Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) sees a big potential for abuse. However,
through the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, small businesses and entrepreneurs
will be able to tap into the “crowd” in search of investments to finance their business ventures
once the SEC adopts rules to do so.

In a related article: SEC, NASAA Tell Small Businesses: Wait to Join the ‘Crowd’

The Securities and Exchange Commission and state regulators are warning small businesses
and entrepreneurs to hold off on joining the “crowd.”.....wait until the SEC has finalized its
crowdfunding rules before offering shares in any such ventures for public sale. “Until that time,
federal and state securities law prohibitions remain in place against publicly accessible Internet
securities offerings,” said NASAA.

The JOBS Act directs the SEC to adopt rules within 270 days to implement a new exemption to
allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to offer investments in their ventures through
crowdfunding. But Kim said that a time frame for an SEC rulemaking on equity crowdfunding is
“challenging.” SEC staff in the agency’s divisions of Corporation Finance and Trading and
Markets ( CFTM) as well as agency economists are “working closely together” to develop
recommendations for the Commission.

While crowdfunding has been going on for a number of years as a form of raising money through
donations, the SEC must formalize rules for equity crowdfunding, which, as set out in the JOBS
Act, allows capital raising through investors via Internet funding portals. “The requirements of
federal and state securities laws regarding disclosures, including disclosures of all material facts
and risks to investors, remains in place,” the NASAA advisory says. 

Additionally, “small businesses are important to the nation’s economic growth, and the
crowdfunding concept has the potential to provide legitimate small, innovative enterprises with
access to capital that might not otherwise be available.” (342)

CrowdFunding Campaign Review

Hacker Evolution Duality - ONLINE - hacking simulations.
Issuer: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Portal: Indiegogo
Pitch: Exosyphen studios is an indie studio founded over 10 years ago and authors of the successful Hacker Evolution game series.
Attempting to raise: 25000
Funded amount: 520
Days left: 118
Campaign Video: Very interesting and engaging 
Reward QTY and Quality: $5.00 - $50.00 
Review: Hacker Evolution is the longest standing game in its genre, hacking simulations. We are still true to our indie roots and we are probably one of the few companies that offers a very friendly and personal service to its gamers.

Bees Over Badgers
Issuer: New York, New York, United States
Portal: Indiegogo
Pitch: We are going to Kenya to build fences to protect rural beehives from honey badgers
Attempting to raise: Raised of $20,000 Goal - Flexible
Funded amount: $4,417
Days left: 19
Campaign Video: Very Good , We liked it , natural and real - telling a good story  - We loved the "ask"  camels , a pig and what ever. Watch the last 60 second 
Reward QTY and Quality: $5 to $1000
Review: A father and son project Urban Bee keeper - The current project will return to Kenya to revisit the beekeepers from the last trip and, with the help of local universities and beekeepers, build fences to protect the beehives from vicious honey badgers (the bane of the existence of the East African beekeeper).

SPORTSFRIENDS featuring Johann Sebastian Joust
Portal: Kickstarter
Pitch: A compendium of four joyfully fun local multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 and home computers.
Attempting to raise: $150,000 goal 
Funded amount: 87,685
Days left: 3
Campaign Video: $3- $10,000
Reward QTY and Quality: Very good, clear and engaging  
Review: Mixing four existing games - To bring people together
Overview: Four game developers – Douglas Wilson, Ramiro Corbetta, Bennett Foddy, and Noah Sasso – joining forces to release Sportsfriends, a compendium of four highly acclaimed local multiplayer games:
•    Johann Sebastian Joust
•    BaraBariBall
•    Super Pole Riders
•    Hokra 

CrowdFunding Conference Announcements & Educational Events

Been there, crowdfunded that: Dec. 12 LDA event features local experts sharing perks and perils of crowdfunding.

Well, then, the Louisville Digital Association (LDA) is hosting an event you should check out.

The first event, in what will eventually be a series of events surrounding the crowdfunding phenomenon, will be an informational session on  KickstarterIndiegogo, and the CrowdFunding part of the Jobs Act, from some area entrepreneurs who’ve been there.The event is Wed., Dec. 12, at  5:30 p.m. at the iHub, 204 S. Floyd St.

We kick off with 15 minutes by national expert and Cincy native, Candace Klein of Bad Girls Ventures and SoMoLend. And then we will hear  from local entrepreneurs - Michelle Jones (Menu and Hours), Maggie Huber (This is Louisville), and Jon Huffman and Barbara Cullen (Armoured Car Theatre) about how they successfully raised start up funds on Kickstarter.

It’s free, and Insider Louisville is bringing the pizza! (We’re a sponsor.)

CrowdFunding Quote of the Day:

Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you. 
Only you can stop you.

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