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CrowdFunding Planning Daily News TV - 12/04/2012 - A 30 Minute Daily Dose of CrowdFunding Knowledge

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Hi, my name is David Khorram
And My name is Steve Gutierrez

Today is 12/4/2012 and you are watching the broadcast of CFNewsTV, “CrowdFunding Daily News TV”

"We are CrowdFunding Guys / We are the CrowdFunding Guys"

Our Passion is CrowdFunding, in all it’s forms and flavors!.

This video show is produced to provide you with most relevant and daily CrowdFunding news, campaign and information, this is to save time.Quality. Value. Convenience you expect with 30 minutes daily dose of CrowdFunding knowledge.

Your Source for the Latest Crowdfunding News, campaigns and information from Around the Web

Focus on the top 5 Crowdfunding News items for the Day:

1) Lockitron: The app that unlocked crowd-funding success

Lockitron, which enables doors to be unlocked through a smart phone, was rejected by Kickstarter in October. It was turned away for being a home improvement product, which the funding platform does not support.
But then Lockitron went "DIY" on its own crowd-funding.
In one day, orders hit $500,000. They are now sitting at $2.2 million, the equivalent of more than 15,000 units.
This highlights the need to Build your Crowd and create that following that will support your product, effort or cause.

2) Prepare Yourself for Crowdfunding Success

Amidst this confusion, it’s important to proceed carefully. Here are some tips on how to start preparing your business today.
Get Professional Advise
Craft a clear Communications Path
Choose the right Platform
New Data from CfPA ( CrowdFunding Professional Aossociation), November Survey, show that even with High enthusiasm and positive expectations, less than 40 % of a sample of 442 entrepreneurs, investors and intermediaries rated themselves as having a 5 or less out of 10, in their understanding of the JOB ACT and Equity CrowdFunding. Sounds like Education and Information is a key to helping this new Legislation become successful in it ability to help the Economy. See CrowdFunding for that up-to-date Information and Education from the well of accumulated and organized CF Data.

3) Can Crowdfunding Create Jobs and Will The Government Help? ....or Hinder?

Now that the Presidential election is over, it’s time for the country to get back to work on the economic and job growth plans ....... most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report:

U.S. unemployment rate is 7.9%, 12 million looking for work.
1. Unlocking Institutional Capital for Investment
2. Investing in Community and Small Businesses
3. Supporting Sustainable Supply Chains
4. Investing in Measurable Impact
5. Exploring New Corporate Forms

Looking at these, 3 to 4 of the 5 topics touch on the idea of increased investment or “access to capital” for small businesses. The S.B.A. has outlined that 65% of new jobs in the U.S. over the last 17 years have been created by small businesses. .... most companies have profit growth goals, not employee growth goals...... revenue growth in a company that is one of the best determinants for whether a small business will hire and create new jobs....Without Capital, Businesses can not invest in growth and profits and hire more people. Get the JOBS ACT implemented!

Contact our Congressional & Senate leaders & the White House to get this done and stop playing "Gotcha Games"

2) Why Successful Crowdfunding Requires a Social-Media Mind-Set 

Harvard Business review
why it's particularly important for would-be recipients of crowdfunding to understand social media and the way social-technology users think. First, crowdfunders seem to understand the high risk of putting money into a new idea Second, what seems to be happening is that the "social media culture," in which people feel close to and want to be part of brands they like, is extending into social investing.....with risks and rewards It seems it's not just a cold, calculated financial investment,

They should engage customers and other potential funders through social media and present a human face.
This is more than a straightforward financial holding. Like social media itself, it's all about community.

1) What SEO Features Should Your E-Commerce Software Offer?...

With thousands of individual product detail pages and category pages, e-commerce sites have many opportunities for great SEO. However, it is critical that you choose an e-commerce platform that allows you to control the many factors that are important for SEO....this applies with great improtance when building your Brand awareness in the begining statges of CrowdBuilding for your CrowdFunding campaign.

It is about tools: the verification of the website through Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
These platforms allow you to see crawl errors, update SEO settings for your website, and more......

Next: Google Analytics Ecommerce... this is invaluable to understanding your Crowd XML Sitemap

Product Detail Pages—Titles & Descriptions

There are a host of additional web site Value Proposition items that must be incorporated into your Business Branding and Product/service Internet Marketing Identification. The expert advice and guidance of skills professionals in these areas will make a big difference in the success level of your CF efforts and business operations as a whole....

In fact, we here at CFP, belief and are comnfirming that CF should be a continuous part of your business efforts at all times......the value of a loyal and supportive Crowd, in the Cloud, will support your enterprise level growth!...

CrowdFunding Campaign Review


Issuer: Re-Nuble, Inc.
Pitch: Greening the Planet One Community at a Time
Attempting to raise: $25,000
Funded amount: $1,579 as of 12/4/12
Days left: 24 days left as of 12/4/12
Campaign Video: Quality Animation, very clear
Reward QTY and Quality: 10 perks between $5 to $500.
We recommend they improve and make the perks more appealing
Review: Re-Nuble collects the food waste from restaurants, schools, and food courts and uses proven technology to turn it into organic fertilizer and renewable energy that are then delivered right back into the community.
Great business concept.Good description of the perks , Good team and Bio , Good Idea Break down of why they need 25K
Re-Nuble, Inc. is a sponsored project of Startup America.

LA Makerspace needs 3DPrinters, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project

LA Makerspace needs 3DPrinters, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project
Issuer: Los Angeles Makerspace   + Tara Tiger Brown
Portal: Kickstarter 
Pitch: LA Makerspace needs 3DPrinters, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project Time for Members to Innovate.
Campaign URL:
Attempting to raise: $15,000  
Funded amount: 11,173 as of 12/4/12
Days left: 28 as of 12/4/12
Campaign Video Quality:  Video feels natural due to Tara personality. She looks and sound passionate and present  genuine cause
Reward QTY and Quality: 12 and from $1.00 to $10K 
Review: LA Makerspace needs 3DPrinters, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project Time for Members to Innovate. The Los Angeles Makerspace is a non-profit community space for makers and tinkerers of all ages to create and collaborate. Community engagement 

UniGrip Pro
UniGrip Pro
Issuer: George Robbins Lawrenceville, GA  
Portal: Kickstarter 
Pitch: The Ultimate Universal Smartphone Mount 
Attempting to raise: $2000
Funded amount: $1637 as of 12/4/12
Days left: 5 as of 12/4/12
Campaign Video Quality: Good . It  provide the product description, benefit and The "ask " is professional 
Reward QTY and Quality: 10 perks and  $1.00 - $155.00 - we recommend shorter list. 
Review: Mount your Smartphone to Tripods, Mono-Pods, Light Kits and more. UniGrip Pro comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty

CrowdFunding Conference Announcements & Educational Events

"CROWDFUNDING PERILS, and how to Avoid them"
Everyone has an opinion on the crowdfunding industry these days: it’s the new thing; it’s over; it’s just getting started, it’s overheated; it’s the future of finance, it’s fundamentally flawed."    
When it comes to investing in Business and especially StartUps, like in all things, there are risks and think there are not, is just FOOLISH.

Adverse Selection -- the perception "that the wizards of smart" in the tech industry, the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists, have passed on an idea and that is why the "second rate idea" is seeking CrowdFunding....well the VC world may review up to 10, 000 ideas, before they select a handfull to fund at a .1% success rate in the Growth Sector, and the innovation rarely gets a glance, never mind the opportunity to "make that pitch".....what about the #2-5 on the VC shortlist, that do not fit their exact "profile"

Due Dilligence Constraints -- 
businesses in industries that require heavy technical backgrounds, gaining an understanding of the marketplace and of a particular company’s position within it requires real expertise. The VC environment is filled with "experts" that come at a heavy price to determine the "Proof of Concept", or Business Model, and verify Intellectual Property and Copy write or Patent issues.  This takes enormous amounts of time & effort, in addition to complexities in Ownership.

Investment Terms (Bad or Good) -- This is an issue that is best discussed from the perspective of the Business owner/Innovative StartUP, not the Profit motivated Investor.  With CrowdFunding, the Entrepreneur has the opportunity to present a case, where the idea ownership is pre-determined and the Inventor does not end up as an employee to the Investors, that do not have the idea, passion or vested interest in a term of success beyond the invested "exit Strategy"

Regulatory Issues -- This is an area filled with the SEC, Congressional oversite, FINRA and every version of "expert" that makes a buck in the process.  The regulations will be protective from fraud, hidden ricks and require a full level of disclosure.  Like in all investments, due your own research and make your own decisions.  All the Broker/dealers and Expert advisors made a bunch of money on the FaceBook IPO, have any of those that bought the Stock @ $38 made a dime yet?  Every bit of "advise" has an overt cost and a hidden cost, be aware and due your investing homework ?

Quote of the Day:

Success is getting up one more time than you fall down

Major Development in the CrowdFunding Industry:
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NOW , Go CrowdFund with Passion, a Plan and the Power

- See you soon
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