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CrowdFunding Planning Daily News TV - 11/29/2011 - A 30 Minute Daily Dose of CrowdFunding Knowledge

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Hi, my name is David Khorram
And My name is Steve Gutierrez

Today is   11/29/2012 and you are watching the Second broadcast of CFNewsTV,   “CrowdFunding  Daily News TV”
We are CrowdFunding Guys  / We are CrowdFunding Gus
Our Passion is CrowdFunding, in all it’s forms and flavors!

We will Focus on the top 5 CrowdFunding News items for the Day:

5) What Is Crowdfunding And How Does It Benefit The Economy

This article , From Forbes Magazine identifies that CF is “new” in today discussions, yet it has been around for centuries.  A simple definition,  It  is the  accumulation of small amounts of funding in support of a an idea, product or cause from the community at large.  Todays modern version, is oriented to use the Internet to reach that supportive Community or Crowd.  

The key steps is a dedicated effort to build “your Crowd”, leveraging all the socail media and email  efforts is an absolute necessity to successfully showcase and fund your effort.

Campaigns Highlighting the Economic benefit, “focused on not what you are doing, but why you are doing it” have been well supported, as well as efforts to aid the innovative business or StartUp in our sluggish and  stagnant economy, especially those seeking jobs and employment.

4) Scientists Use Crowdfunding To Raise Funds And Awareness For Autism Research

Brought to us at “RedOrbit”, and brings a very valuable  aspect of CrowdFunding to light.   The Charitable cause, in this case, Autism Research.  Most of us have heard of and scene many of the research and diseases related efforts that  need some form of ongoing and special research help.  This fits the success model of CF since it is reaches out to the general public , it seeks small increments of donation support and will help a very special cause, that of children afflicted by this illness.
Autism and Protein Markers @ Clarkson University
Autism Intervention: Seeing Faces as a Whole  - Penn State University
KOULE the Smart Ball - a child development device that comes pre-loaded with games forautism-specific applications.
These are just a few of the University & Educational collaborative CrowdFunding efforts that have emerged

3) Strangers Pay for Medical Bills; Ozarks Couple Shares 'Crowdfunding' Story
This is a similar story to the Autism research,  we just highlighted.  It is about the Friends and family that have turned to social media & CF to help Drew Lewis and Amy Blansit pay for thousands of dollars in medical bills while he fights stage 4 colon cancer.   This effort is utilizing A key element of a Successful CrowdFunding campaign, is a very touching and candid family video, highlighting the steps of the medical processes and the family’s struggle  dealing with a distance of nearly 800 miles and the need for help from people all around the world.  The  effort has reached around the world and to achieve the surgery funding goal that the Insurance Carrier denied to cover,  saving a father and husband fighting this potentially life ending cancer.

2) Turning to another aspect of CrowdFunding and all that is happening with this new legislation.

The vast potentials attainable for Businesses, Charities and numerous other creative uses of “the incremental funding process”.   A very interesting article  ...Utilizing the CrowdBuilding component of CrowdfFunding called “CrowdSourcing”.   This important fundamental     CROWD BUILDING   is a basic component of all the forms of CrowdFunding, CrowdSourcing and all the Crwod Enabled methodologies.
The Article:
“Tedril Powers Winning Energy Efficiency Apps In First-Of-Its-Kind Crowdsourcing Developers Challenge

This article outline the use of  the Crowd to design, test and improve computer and mobile apps to enhance the efficiency of the use of energy.  By gathering this use data at the meter from participating households, many uses and efficiency capabilities can be now available to the consumer, any where they are and can turn off and on the energy consuming resources from their home or office, better managing their consumption and usage trends.    Sounds like we truely are in the “Network Age”!

And Now, the most important News item of the day:

1) SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro to step down  

After a tumultuous four years spent rehabilating the Agency’s battered reputation, Mary Schapiro will step down next month as ChairWoman of the SEC.  Commisioner Elisse Walters, a career SEC regulator in support of  Ms.Schapiro’s policies and leadership efforts, will “manage the store” until approval from the Senate is secured for a long term replacement.
The new chair will need to continue the SEC restructuring process, money market reforms, market structure safeguards, rules to implement the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, and many other  regulatory issues including the bi-partisan approved and supported  JOBS ACT 0f 2012, that allows Debt & Equity Based CrowdFunding in the USA.  
With the SEC Board now split 2-2,  between Democrats and Republicans, it appears that it will become deadlocked and the JOBS ACT could be indefinitely delayed, further limiting the Business community . finding sources of Capital and new Economic Growth.
Let's contact our Congress and make sure this delay does not happen!

CrowdFunding Campaign Review

AERO 3D Bird Flight Game with Bill Nye and GameDesk

AERO is a beautiful, open-world 3D bird-flight game that teaches the physics principles behind the power of flight.
Bill Nye the Science Guy is part of  CrowdFunding Campaign hosted by Kickstarter.

Seeing a plane or bird in soar in the sky is amazing to behold. But the aerodynamics and physics behind the miracle of flight are difficult to grasp. There are several forces engaged when a bird or plane flies, and here on earth we're unable to see any of them. But never fear!  Bill Nye andGameDesk have a revolutionary idea! With your help we can complete a game that teaches the physics behind flight by allowing players to literally become a bird and experience those scientific principles in their own hands

It is a game to learn and teach science  of flying
Campaign pitch : AERO is a beautiful, open-world 3D bird-flight game that teaches the physics principles behind the power of flight.
Perks are from $5.00 to $10,000
As of today there 29 days left and ends Friday Dec 28, 10:59am EST.
Funding goal is 100K
We like the  the idea so as Kickstarter staff
Campaign has a Good video

Brand New Mindless Self Indulgence Record!


Using funny fear 
It is a new  album  by Mindless Self Indulgence
Perks are from $1.00 to $5,000, we counted around 20 + perks
As of today there 26 days left and ends
Funding goal is 150K
We like the  the idea so as Kickstarter staff
Campaign has a Good video

Venezia - Issue 2

It is a new   Comic book   by Venezia London, United Kingdom

Campaign pitch : A 16th century vigilante appears on the streets of Venice, Italy. Death follows in her every wake, but who is she & what does she want?

Perks are from  1.00 £ to $500£, we counted around 25 + perks
As of today there 16 days left  
Funding goal is 1000 £
We love  the  the Graphics so as Kickstarter staff
Campaign has a Good video

CrowdFunding Conference Announcements & Educational Events

The  4th section of our show is dedicated to CrowdFunding Conferences and Educational Events across the Country hopefully near you, where you can attend and participate, meeting with CrowdFunding experts that are available to help you understand and even use some of the most successful CrowdFunding techniques.

Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council.   w/U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va

David's , what is the “quote of the day “ today ?

A CrowdFunding without a written plan is just a wish!

Major Development in the CrowdFunding Industry

O.C. Kickstarter successes hitting market

Three Orange County entrepreneurs turned to the crowd-funding website to raise money for their projects.

All three Orange County entrepreneurs turned to the crowd-funding website Kickstarter
this year to raise money for their  projects.  Urquhart got $4 million, Hsieh $221,000 and Fargo $2.9 million.  These efforts are in the Gaming and Technology sectors, that have historically become a high success Funding Campaign Type.projects.  Urquhart got $4 million, Hsieh $221,000 and Fargo $2.9 million. For details on any of the subjects or Campaigns of interest to you,
You can find this Archieved Broadcast Video and Content @ in the blog section

We can also be reached at 877.448.4968 or Info@

To be a guest of the CFDailyNewsTV show - contact us at: - Contact us 

NOW , Go CrowdFund with Passion, a Plan and the Power

- See you soon

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