Strategy and Method

Understanding the Digital Crowd & Your Crowd Assets

Understanding an investor's behavior in the digital world is the first step in building a successful CrowdFunding Strategy.

That’s where we start. Where we end, depends solely on the needs of our clients. We are a Crowd of Digital Content and Cloud Strategists, Creative Social minded Thinkers and Technology Developers supporting Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs create  
$ocial Capital,  and implement brilliant and successful CrowdFunding Campaign.

Our Method

The Customer is always the King.

The "Crowd" in CrowdFunding, means your followers and enthusiasts in the Social Media and CloudSourcing P
ractitioner. Social Media is word-of-mouth, amplified in internet space. In this networking age, consumers are smarter than ever.

People have come online to make informed decisions about their purchases. (Consultancy- 2009)

  • 90% of consumers online trust the recommendations from people they know
  • 70% trust the opinions of unknown users .

Trust has shifted from traditional media to social networks and peer product ratings & reviews.

Customers are already tuned into this paradigm shift for business. They are talking to consumers and to each other through Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. If you aren’t part of the conversation, you will get left behind.

Never sell. Share.

Customers demand an informal relationship from the people they buy products and services from. They don’t want to be sold to. Instead, they want engagement and access. This can be scary for businesses since most have been programmed to control the communication with their consumers.

That’s where our value comes through . We help you lift the veil and develop a strategy to engage with your consumers. When successful, we turn consumers into advocates who will champion your company to friends and family.

Strategy. Strategy and more Strategy.

We are Centric Strategist . We are search literate , we research and  to understand your audience and potential future customer  behavior, define specific objectives and then match that understanding to the right social  and crowdFunding platforms. It’s a managed  process, and  we love getting involved and be part of your success . And when we’re finished, we produce a smart roadmap to exponentially  increase  your crowd community and make your next CrowdFunding  more successful.

Products and Services

Every customer is different and has different needs. We put together customized, cost effective solutions based on what will drive the best results. Successful CrowdFunding is Marketing is at best. We reduce cost and improve  your information and network technology through CloudSourcing  and Crowd Sourcing, thus allowing you to focus your potential  and assets  on your crowd marketing.

Here are some of our service  and product  offerings

Cost Reduction

Cloud Sourcing

CrowdFunding is an event that takes place in the Networking Age (relationship) and not the Information Age (content).

Crowd in CrowdFunding mean your follower and enthusiast in Social media and CloudSourcing practitioner. We use and leverage  power of Google business solutions and its mighty broadcasting, collaborative and sharing  power such as:

  • Google Cloud Strategy
  • Google Internet Strategy 
  • Google Marketing Strategy
  • Google Mobile Strategy 
  • YouTube
  • Google Website (Google Sites)  
  • Google News
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Trends
  • Google Apps 
  • Google Apps Engine
  • Google G+
  • Google + Hangout Video Conferencing
  • Google Voice  
  • Google Blogs,
  •   Google Analytic and Web Master
  • ......... etcetra

Research & Strategy

Through research and collaboration, we will determine specific goals for your social media attack on the world.

  • Who is your community and where do they congregate?
  • What do they care about?
  • How can we engage?
  • How and where they get their information ?
  • What content will we share?
  • How best do we share that content?
  • And most importantly, how do we measure ROI?

Website Services

It is well known, a social media profile is useless without a modern website. How can we talk to your consumers online without a relevant and up-to-date site to send them to? If you fear your website is old, chances are it is. We can redesign and rebrand your site quickly and effectively so it works in tandem with your new social media presence.


Brand Development

What does your brand stand for in the eyes of your consumers? What makes you unique? To make a long-term and valuable connection in social media, your customers need something to connect to beyond a service. We can help define your brand and establish a voice that becomes the face of your social media profiles and messaging.

Implementation and Management

If you have the manpower and the time, we can help you train your employees to implement our tailored strategy. Or, let us take over as your social media manager. We have a team of experienced community managers trained to manage profiles, share content, answer questions and respond to your customers in a timely fashion.

Facebook Landing pages and other custom pages

We love Facebook customized pages! Control what your Facebook visitor sees first with a landing page or encourage "likes" with a custom giveaway page.

Google Plus is the private club and Facebook is a public pub