CrowdFunding Preparation Framework

Preparation Drives Your CrowdFunding Success

Bringing a new product, service or event to market always has its set of challenges and milestones. Layer in raising capital (seed funding) and proof of concept are the primary objectives of CrowdFunding. We can assure you are or will be  in for an interesting ride. CrowdFunding Planning framework is researched, tested and designed in a propose of  significantly increasing your return on investment and success, reduce costs and stress for everyone involved and build a solid follower, backers and even future investors.

In CrowdFundingThere are no big challenges , there are just a lot of little challenges and steps . We have researched hundreds of successful CrowdFunding Campaigns and developed a step by step easy to follow and understand the process. We also Expert sourced the talents you may need to help you in any step you want .Our process consist of:

Yes, it's easy to learn, practice  organize and launch a CrowdFunding campaign with many user-friendly CrowdFunding platforms to choose from on the web. However, to successfully raise capital and bring a new product, service or events to market via CrowdFunding, focus on what is CrowdFunding, how, who, when and how before you push the go live button.

Complete the following questionnaires, you can discover your CrowdFundability skill and your score 

1- CrowdFunding campaign assessment and score 

2-CrowdFunding social media  campaign assessment and score