CrowdFunding Outsourcing

Are you looking to raise funds for your film project online, but find it a  very complex  task? CrowdFunding is a step by step process  where  entertainment  meets  new school technology.
If you are looking for assistance or you want to outsource  your CrowdFunding  campaign development,  we can help! 

We can assist you with:

  • The key differences between the major CrowdFunding websites and which one fits your need
  • Identifying a realistic fundraising goal and timeline and its best practices
  • Creative ways to reach and reward supporters, Perks design and reward development
  • Ways to engage your constituency to help the campaign go viral
  • How to combine updates, e-mails, and social media for effective CrowdFunding
  • The importance of pitch videos and its component 
  • Real-world examples of successful CrowdFunding campaigns
  • Build your team for  intensive  campaign.
  • Integrating CrowdFunding into broader fundraising efforts.
  • Fundraising goal 
  • Identifying perks
  • Outline of your outreach strategy
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