Do you need CrowdFunding project or campaign promotion, help and assistance?

CrowdFunding planning has built a detailed framework that could help you launch a Successful CrowdFunding Campaign . 

A Successful CrowdFunding effort is not an accident, over 75% of Campaigns do not reach their desired funding objective and fail.  Yet, in last three years, Kickstarter has successfully raised over $119 million for Innovative Entrepreneurs & Charitable Fundraisers. In 2013, Crowdfunding is projected to raise $6.7 billion dollars, while growing to  $13B Globally, in 2014.  See list of Kickstarter's mostly funded projects 

  • CrowdFunding Business Model: Harness Sustainable CrowdFunding, for Good
  • Learn how to do CrowdFunding: For all your products, services or events pre order / pre built financially
Our Framework is designed to increase your knowledge and efficiency, provide you with expertise you may need and increase your odds of  reaching your goals. 
  1. Getting to know you;
    1. Reviewing and scoring your CrowdFunding  campaign 
    2. Reviewing and scoring your Social Media / Crowd building  
    3. Reviewing the main reasons you want and need to CrowdFund your project 
    4. Attention is given to learn your idea, plan, priorities and goals
    5. Consultation session going over the above three (3)  assessments, also covering our six (6) knowledge sharing sessions   
    6. This session is designed to empower you, since we believe, Power = (knowledge + experience)^Shared     (^ = to the power of shared) 
  2. Our knowledge sharing program consists of six (6) sessions. This will provide you with CrowdFunding project  (before the launch)  help and CrowdFunding campaign assistance (after the launch) or  campaign re launch. In this program you learn;
    1.  The cloud and how to take advantage of CloudSourcing in your CrowdFunding project
      1. How to leverage with Google business apps and the cloud  in your CrowdFunding  project and campaign?
      2. Google Apps - Your operations in the cloud - reduce cost increase efficiency
      3. Google business solutions  and applications - Weaving Google fabric into your Crowd Funding project.
    2. The Crowd building (The crowd comes 1st before the funding). Learn:
      1. Who is your crowd
      2. Where is your crowd
      3. How to make a community
      4. How to make your crowd to be your campaign bakers and project investors
    3. The Business intelligence. DNA of your CrowdFunding campaign. 
      1. Develop strategy, techniques and tactics
      2. Google Search literacy  - operands, Boolean and search strings
      3. Business Intelligence and automation 
      4. Relevancy, brand and reputation and competition monitoring 
      5. CrowdFunding research tools 
    4. The CrowdFunding campaign complete blueprint. (Do you build a home without a blueprint?)
      1. CrowdFunding strategy - Project Advisory    
      2. CrowdFunding technical - Project  Creation 
      3. CrowdFunding tactical -Campaign Management 
    5. The CrowdFunding Project "Best Practices" 
      1. Top Campaign Specific Lessons, Steps, Processes, & Procedures we have learned
      2. Going deep into the elements of a successful Crowd Funding campaign and build a customized plan to fit your need 
    6. LEGAL ISSUES, STRUCTURES & IMPLICATIONS IN CROWDFUNDING, a 30 minute conference call: Discuss:
      1. Business structure and current financial status
      2. Business operators, owners, (directors)and lenders
      3. Business properties and proprietary assets
      4. Business consultants and advisers
      5. Product status, competition, and strategies

The real cause of  CrowdFunding failures (75% of all CrwodFunding fails and 5% do not raise any money) is premature over-expansion, attempting to gallop before learning to creep and not having a plan and a blueprint for success.

We can help you to raise money your way, right away. With our simple, easy but powerful framework and plus our  crowd of experts, you can  launch your project in a popular CrowdFunding portal or even have your very own CrowdFunding campaign (No fees, no applications, and no middleman). The choice is yours.

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