Invitation to be part of our CrowdFunding expert panels

posted Apr 23, 2013, 10:31 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Apr 26, 2013, 6:30 AM ]

1- Your Invitation To Our panel: Cross-Linked Enriched CrowdFunding Consulting Community 

  1. CFP would like to invite you to join the very 1st CrowdFunding educational and consulting panel and be part of the future.
  2. Each participant will receive $750 worth of vouchers to Crowd Funding planning educational videos, portraits and membership which includes :
    1. A copy of all seven (7) " CrowdFunding Frame works" videos 
    2. Unlimited access to the " Crowd Funding Frame works" intranet portal  
    3. A copy of " Crowd Funding Work Book "
    4. Become a CFP Crowd Funding expert panel and expert community members 


  1. CFP has created and produced seven (7) CrowdFunding Projects educational and knowledge sharing videos and its web portal which will be released within two months to the public through a CrowdFunding Campaign
  2. The Crowd Funding Camapign main Focus is to raise require funding for development of two (2) Crowd Funding portals :
    1. " CrowdFunding Frame Works" intranet portal which is the launching ground for the above videos and its companion e-book and Crowd Funding Intelligence work book 
    2.  " Crowd Funding Work Book " intranet portal  which is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs to develop Crowd Funding campaign  :
      1. Business Models (a replacement for old fashioned business plan ) and ;
      2. A Step by step  process of creating a predictable, sustainable and repeatable CrowdFunding successful campaigns 

The Advantages of  Becoming a CrowdFunding panel Member:

  1. Our invitation to join in  Crowd Funding mentor group and offer your knowledge and expertise to CFP CrowdFunding clients (
    1. Http://, is  in the 1st page Google organic search for all relevant key phrases ( Consulting, consultant, mentors, coaches, planning, conferences, seminars....and etc.)
      1. CFP receives multiple requests for CrowdFunding assistance and consultation on a daily basis worldwide.
      2. Our analytics show the viewers duration average is at 5 minutes plus.
  2. CFP  will promote you and your business in:
    1. All  the above portals 
      1. http:/
    2. In our upcoming CrowdFunding Campaign

We Believe:

  1. Progress leads to happiness and success
  2. Innovation is learning more every day.
  3. CrowdFunding is a game changer and we need to learn, educate and protect it.

How to become a Group Member and Receive More Information ?

If you would like to participate in the panel, You can communicate with us and send your response by Monday 16th May 2013 ( the deadline;
  1. Email stating your areas of research, expertise, interest  or company and job title. 
  2. Complete this form :
CFP greatly 
hopes you will be able to take part and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

What Is In Our "Knowledge Sharing" Videos ?

  1. Short  version: "Crowdfunding framework discovery videos" is a how to and a Blueprint to a successful CrowdFunding project  . You want to progress, we have the solution !
  2. Long version : We have produced a seven (7), Thirty minute long (30), videos covering the tools and knowledge of how to a successful CrowdFunding project
  3. Watch the Video Summary:

How Does A "CrowdFunding Framework" Portal Look Like? --->

What problems are we trying to solve:

  1. CrowdFunding project conundrum
  2. CrowFunding campaign conundrum
  3. Business startup, idiation and business model  challanges