Corporate CrowdFunding

What is Corporate CrowdFunding?

Application of external CrowdFunding and its principals supported by established corporation is called "Corporate Crowd Funding"

What are benefits of corporate CrowdFunding?

Corporate Internet CrowdFunding could:

  1. Improves and speed up corporate products and services marketing research, development, concept validation and R/D
  2. Proof of concept before scaling up production
  3. Brand and customer development
  4. Improve reputation and PR
  5. Crowd thinking and feedback

Types of corporate CrowdFunding?

Corporate CrowdFunding is managed and launched in public sometimes branded by corporate name and sometime not. CrowdFunding is launched in popular CrowdFunding portals or local portals depend up type of product, and research study to raise fund from public in order to gauge public interest and subject matter stickiness. Crowd is the customer and Crowd validation can be achieved and tested using traditional reward based CrowdFunding

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