Are you a SMB, Entrepreneur or a Star-up business?  Is your business striving to get to the next level and
Succeed ?   Do you want to a attract and build supportive crowds,  investors and key business management to fund your initiatives at this early "seed" or "incubator"phase?  Would you like to have a trusted, guaranteed, tested and proven solution before you launch your project ?

It is absolutely critical that you are armed with a feasibility and proof of concept study that validates your ideas are sound and there is a quantifiable marketplace for your Products/Services . This includes :

CrowdFunding: Where the Creator Economy is replacing the old Industrial and Consumer Economies!

Our main focus 

Our main focus is to guide the raising of "Seed Funding" for SMBs, StartUps and Entrepreneurs using Cloud and Crowd sourcing Technology.  We are in the Networking Age ( relationship formation ) not the " Information Age" (accumulating data).  VCs and Angles pass their B+ and A- candidates to us for advice and Counsel to build their business venture to the point that they can build and successfully achieve a CrowdFunding Campaign. This is a Strategic Validation of the business concept and the Market (Crowd) in a "proof of concept ".  The Crowd is never wrong and along that path, the "fine tuning" process is a natural bi-product of the CF Campaign.

Consulting Services 

CrowdFundingPlanning and our consulting division  ( ) offer  consultancy and custom report on 

Our products

Our Report and study  

Our report, research and study  conducted by our  consultants and mentors that  have conducted studies for thousands  of organizations SMBs, Entrepreneurs  or Star-ups . This also includes  Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations and governments and industries covering ; 

  • Non-profit organization 
  • Heath Foundations
  • Real estate & construction companies
  • Hospitality & hotels, sports & recreation
  • Renewable & alternative energy (biodiesel, wind, solar), 
  • Bio Tech companies
  • Health care
  • Government
  • And more

CrowdFunding Social Media Consulting   

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If you have any question about CrwodFunding such as ;
  1. How to crowdfund your business ?
  2. How to crowdfund successfully ?
  3. How does crowdfunding work? 
  4. Best practices for crowdfunding startups ?
  5. How to develop crowdfunding articles ?
  6. What are crowdfunding pros and cons ?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of crowd funding ?
  8. How crowdfunding startup business can help my business and marketing research  ? 

Or If you are looking for CrowdFunding social media consultancy ( crowd building )  and advice from people that understand what is driving the adoption of social media, then, please Contact us 

What do we do ? 

Crowdfunding Planning helps entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses looking to expand their product lines, successfully crowdfund their products and services.  The basic Crowdfunding model has been used for centuries.  But unlike any other time in history, with the growth of the information and networking age, innovators are now able to reach the masses like never before.   It is now possible to directly pitch ideas to the masses for support in an unprecedented scale.    

Think you have a great idea? Crowdfunding is a faster, cheaper and better tool to test your idea than the traditional ways of bringing a product to market.  If the crowd also thinks you have a great idea, you’ll know it because they are backing your idea with their cash.  If they don’t – Crowdfunding just saved you a lot of time and money. 

Crowdfunding can generate money to develop your idea and help you get your project off the ground.  It can provide you with valuable market research, data gathering, meaningful feedback, publicity and expert sourcing.  Most important, if done right, crowdfunding will build a community of fans that will support your project and build momentum about your idea, which will carry forward to when you bring your product to market.     

But to have a successful crowdfunding campaign takes proper planning build upon a tested framework.  What you do before your campaign will make all the difference.   At a minimum, you need the basics:  solid pitch content, an entertaining video, a solid campaign model, a rewards plan and a plan that addresses the steps you need  strategically, technically and tactically.  Crowfunding Planning can help you at any and every step of the way – from ideation to post campaign strategy.   We can even help those who want to relaunch a crowdfunding campaign. 

Why choose CrowdFunding Planning?

We have a tested framework to create your individualized plan – a real plan - to get people to see and get engaged with your idea.  Where others hope for your success we plan for your success. 

Our team has successfully launched a wide variety of products, services and companies for over 2 decades.   We work with individuals, start-ups and established companies alike.  We can provide you with the expertise of our network of crowfunding mentors to develop every aspect of your idea. 

We can work with you on specific areas of your campaign or we can be your complete crowdfunding consultants and manage your campaign.  The plan we work with you to create is a process that will provide you with solutions – not just random products.  Our goal is to get you to your goal - not to sell you on services you don’t need.

Regardless of what stage of crowdfunding you are in, Crowdfunding Planning can be your trusted consultants.  Our process starts with a free assessment of your idea.  Contact us today.