WHY is More Important Than How, What and Who - Why to jump start your new idea & business now!

posted Jul 23, 2015, 10:59 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Jul 23, 2015, 6:08 PM by David Khorram ]
Have you ever been wondering  "why"  some CrowdFunding project owners and entrepreneurs  seem to be able to get more  than others? Or how about the dedication that some people have to their core family, projects business, a charity or  cause

It always excite and  intrigues us  to see people  so passionate about something that they are not only willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals, but they are also getting stuff done at a speed that is just mind-boggling.

Believe it or not , the secret in in s simple question they ask more often -   WHY?

WHY  they are doing  what they are doing “it” is, what drives them. If you keep asking this question from many startup or entrepreneurs , within few second they shift  " what". "how and "when" .

WHY  is important since  it generate PURPOSE or the true story.  PURPOSE makes us  purposeful and focused with every move you make.

Significantly what’s on the line or the answer will drives you to care about the END RESULT more than the steps that will get you there.

You  can feel and see a distinct difference, if you go back and examine few cases you know or even ask the question  from yourself.

If the answer is for money , then you have not ask or answered  the right WHY .

For example, we are passionate to help start up and entrepreneurs build their dream, launch their project , raise fund and hire people. The WHY  question took  us  in to  our own  internal needs and places that we are uncomfortable to be too. 

Personally, when I passed 50, I start asking about  my retirement. By that time, I already had build four organization which produced enough revenues supporting our staff and  management for at least five years in future. 

However,  challenge was the light at the end of the tunnel was not the end of the tunnel, actually  was a train coming  toward us head on.

We know changes ahead of us were cutting to our core businesses and revenue in a very high speed.
  1. Technology changes;
    1. Peer to peer business transactions using robotics ( Mobile phone ) cutting off the middlemen 
    2. Cloud,server and storage managed by large cloud providers  replacing local devices
    3. Wireless equipment replacing wire 
    4. Software and hardware robots will do the work faster and cheaper with higher accuracy  and quantity. 
  2. Economical changes   
    1. Recession has damaged the economy and clients think of cost reduction more than expansion
    2. Rise of Inflation,  labor cost ,  insurance cost  and health care  were clear 
    3. Getting older was a concern
  3. Having 30 year financial obligations such as mortgages and Kids 
The decision was to create  an ecosystem and work on a project called "Smart Un retirement" . A new win , win , win ideology and approach for us to never retire but have fun, benefit others, meet smart people and share lots of positive energy.  

Question was now that we know why , how we can use our 30 years of successful business experiences and launch other businesses for young entrepreneurs , X and baby boomer generations.


We knew from past , they usually  think…. How do I start a new business? And then they spend time, money  and work on the  the questions such as , What do I do now or next? and / or who can help me. 

But while those questions are good question or  to action items, they often are afraid of asking the main question  or  Why or our dilemma.

Knowing why is  about knowing the " destination" first and then enjoying the journey. Ours was the win , win , win situation 

You may not know Why at the start , but if you try , try again and build your  idea and business on the cloud ( internet - Less expensive and more effective ) , then you might find the " why" in your initial business development Journey. We also can help you in this journey.

Learn how to start your business

We all know a great Idea doesn't make a great product, service or company. It's time to rethink and start co-thinking and co-execution. That what we want to share with you, since when you win , we win and you hire more people, then they win too. 

Why? .... Since you do not have any other choice and we all get old and need to know. Now , we have the chance to try it at least once.