Why did you launched CrowdFunding Planning ?

posted Oct 26, 2012, 6:20 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Oct 26, 2012, 6:20 AM ]

  1. Why did you launched CrowdFunding Planning ?
    1. I manage few small businesses, I tried to raise money through traditional methods  such as bank lending, venture cap and I was not successful. I took this very personal since I have been managing business successfully for past 20 years .
    2. I am a trained engineer , the I started  looking  for the reasons and solution
    3. Crowd Funding planning  was launched to Establish a framework within which we can create and add value to the CrowdFunding community. this includes fund raiser , investors and CrowdFunding portals
    4. I am also very passionate about open system and crowdFunding  
  2. What was the main reasons you could not raise the funds you needed to grow your business and develop the new products and services with  traditional funding  methods?
    1. I found out due to current economy  Banks do not loan to start ups or  new ventures. and for established business ,they still require to see more than assets and proof of business , they want to see steady cash flow which is not easy or available  . Also,  I learned due to low interest rate lending is too risky for them
  3. How about venture caps and angles investors?
    1. Well due to Real Estate deflation, my usual family Angeles are no longer available for investments , and I knew from past venture caps and angel investor invest in less than 2% of entrepreneurial ventures
  4. Then what ?,
    1. In early 2011,  I learned of CrowdFunding as a new method of Capital Fund Raising fund through the 99% or  the “ crowd" rather than the standard way through 1% . Then,  I put together a team to study and learn about CrowdFunding
  5. Are you referring to banks, VCs and AIs as the  “1%”?
    1. Yes
  6. What did you learn ?
    1. Many , many things  but the top five are ;
      1. There are many good, practical and money making ideas available, but due to our current economic situation ,  Entrepreneurs , SMBs and Start ups can not raise the see money
      2. Entrepreneurs , SMBs and Startups in average have  access to less than $ 5 to $10 thousands to build their dream but they need between of   $25 to $100 thousands . I am referring to the see money to create enough to show proof of concept
      3. Mostly do not really know what is CrowdFunding , what is available to them and  even the one that they do  know what “CrowdFunding is” ,  they do not build the Crowd , The team and the cloud needed  and they just go after  the Funding
      4. There are many associations built by attorneys and venture caps which are focusing on CrowdFunding Equity based and almost no resources  offering real practical advice and best practice methods  to  Entrepreneurs , SMBs and Startups . Interestingly many do not even  try CrowdFunding and the one they do more than 76% fail  due to lack of planning.
  7. Ok, then that is the reason you called it CrowdFunding Planning ?
    1. Yes , we put all our finding , resource and now hows in this portal
  8. What are the goals and vision
    1. Our Goal is simple, We are believer and practitioner of open system methodology . CrowdFunding is also  an open system  of capital creation  Our  vision is to build educational  and crowdsourcing portals that can assist  Entrepreneurs , SMBs and Startups  to have high rate of Crowdfunding success with  no or very  low investment.
    2. Do whatever it takes to guide them to  a successful crowdfunding with low or no dilution of their stocks and proof of concept . This way they can present their products and services to VC and AI and get to the next level .
  9. Are you claiming CrowdFunding can  help VC’s and AI’s by lowering their risk of investment
    1. Yes
    2. I know for a fact.  that by the time they complete their 1st Crowdfunding, they will have all require structure and show maturity and proof of concept
  10. What about the one which are not a success
    1. They still end up with a highly efficient business infrastructure and my suggestion is Try , try again . In internet age you  can innovate by being two steps ahead of competitions .
  11. What have you accomplished?
    1. We provide our teams  the same budget Entrepreneurs , SMBs and Start ups have to build and deploy their ideas and solution  and we operate and create our portal, marketing and operation 100% based on Google . Google is the engine of innovation that reduces the cost . Success is built in Google DNA and we weave it  through our and Entrepreneurs business fabric
    2.  Our 1st  attempt  was to address  the challenge of understanding of CrowdFunding , and crowdfunding methods , we created a Video that naturally is called “ what is CrowdFunding ? “ , I am happy to say we have received more than 20  thousand views and naturally many , many enquiries. Now our team is working on why , who , when and how videos.
    3. We also developed and launched  five portals each dedicated to address the  challenges we found.
      1. Our 1st portal Our mothership is  CrowdFundingplanning.com  which is based on building frameworks  needed to benefit crowdFunding community. I am happy to see we have been rated as #1 website globally through Google Search under CrowdFunding Planning
      2. Our 2nd portal CrowdFundingmentors.com  was designed a open source crrowdSourcing and expert sourcing engine to provide  Entrepreneurs , SMBs and Start ups  with poll of talented experts . I am happy also to see we are getting the volume and attention require to be  on the 1st page of Google search for crowdfunding mentors, consultants and coaches . I invite all business experts interested in success of crowdFunding to join CrowdFundingmentors.com
      3. Our 3rd portal http:www.crowdFundingDailynews.com  is dedicate to promote crowdFunding issues through the CrowdFunding life cycle , better , at the start , during , at the end and also during delivery
    4. What is the cost of  the above three and how can we join ?
      1. There is not cost we even promote the campaign free of charge in our portals which they have outstanding position in Google search
      2. You can access any of them and just select   contact us or register with us .
    5. Are you going to CrowdFund your ideas ?
      1. Yes, why do you think we have been working this hard. We believe a successful crowdfunding is based on
        1. Solid business foundation
        2. Solid business plan
        3. Relevant, best quality  videos
        4. Strong short and long pitch
        5. Well thought out perks
        6. Strong team and leadrship
        7. Clear understanding of costs and risk mitigation
        8. and calculated risk  
      2. At the end we spend the most valuable commodity in the world ! our time and  we better be  200% ready
  12. Do you think CrowdFunding is Risky business for issuer and investor ?
    1. To me is risky when one spend thousands of dollars in gambling, High risk investments or buying lottery which all are legal .In  Investing in CrowdFunding you know who is investing with you and you have contact with issuers . I see less risk there .
  13. Where are we going from here ?
    1. We know the harder we work the luckier we get . Our attempt to build the CrowdFunding framework is a grass root  . CrowdFunding is belong to the main street and not wall street. There are 2.5 Billion internet users in the world and we just found a new way to raise money and there would be no end to this . We just at the start
    2. I invite you to join and collaborate with us