What to make and what to CrowdFund ?

posted Oct 28, 2012, 8:45 AM by David Khorram
  • There is no recipe and secret formula  for passion, 
  • There is no 10 -step guide and how to books  to making your big  idea  to reality and reality to Revenue 
  • There is good, solid advice, and  practical methods in CrowdFunding Planning web portal . We speak from real experience coming from our CrowdFunding mentors and consutalants  .
    • Don’t make and create  a product, service or event  because you want to quit your day job (that can be a  good reason, but not "the reason" ). 
    • make and create  a product, service or event  because you want to get get rich quit. CrowdFunding is rewarding but its is a hard work and you capitalize it with sweat equity 
    • Make or create something great because you are passionate ands care deeply about it. Make something because you know done to your DNA you have something awesome to share and you  stay awake at night dreaming about how, what , who , where. 
    • Make something because you feel invigorated when you talk or work on it, and anxious when you don’t.