What is your CrowdFunding conundrum? You may be able to use CrowdFunding Planning to have a successful CrowdFunding campaign!

posted Apr 27, 2013, 12:01 PM by David Khorram   [ updated May 17, 2013, 8:38 AM ]

More than ever than before, we need entrepreneurial and small business success.  Managing entrepreneurship, SMB's and R&D's have never been more challenging.

However, new technologies, cloud sourcing, crowd sourcing, and social media have give innovators new capabilities to develop “the next big thing.”  

Access to credit has been slow to rebound following the recent recession.  Consumers are saving their money.  Banks are primarily lending based on cash flow (not assets) and U.S. companies are forced to compete on unequal grounds as the international markets are less regulated.  One consequence of these factors is that funding – the all-important ingredient in turning a new idea into a groundbreaking business – can be more difficult to acquire.  Sometimes the best way to spur innovation is with more innovation. This innovation is called CrowdFunding . What is CrowdFunding ? 

Crowdfunding is a growing trend in how businesses garner and raise seed money.  In the venture capital industry, growing companies aim to acquire a lot of money from a few investors.  In the new digital, cloud based crowdfunding platforms; entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals are capitalizing on the reverse – a small amount of funding from many investors.

The Business Plan is a document investors make you write that they don’t read.

Creating a new product, service or event  can be an expensive proposition, and in the entrepreneurial field of dreams, investors cannot rely on the myth that “if you build it, they will come.”  CrowdFunding without planning is not a field of dreams.  You may build it but currently 75% of the time the crowd does not come (20% of crowd funding campaigns do not raise a single penny. 

What sets CrowdFunding Planning apart is that we have designed the official 7 Part CrowdFunding Framework that can help entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals to increase the chances of having a successful campaign. Challenge is that 90% of the time we experiences  a set of confusing and difficult problem or questions . The challenge is that  they know about their idea, product, services  or events well but they do not have solid business model to address their;

  • Startup conundrum
  • CrowdFunding project conundrum 
  • CrowFunding campaign conundrum

We have successful established a CrowdFunding axiom -  doing CrowdFunding work in a smarter way that increase the percentage of success through a proven process and at the same time building the backers and the crowd investor at the lowest cost.  This includes application of Crowd, Cloud and expert sourcing and  detail analysis of your idea and its campaign, brainstorming, business intelligence research, expert sourcing and analysis of the following subjects:

1- Big Problem 
2- Solution
2- Unique Value proposition
3- Unfair advantages
4- Customer segment
5- Key matrix
6- Channel
7-Revenue streams
8- Cost structure
9- P&L and projection
10- Big picture

Venture capitalists (VCs)  do not really read most business plans since they know, they are full of assumptions.  What investors primarily look for is evidence of traction, a thought out process to measure risk, consumer appetite, and ROI, when they are deciding whether a new business, product, service or event is a prudent investment.  While VC's and other investors will always be a critical element in fostering new business, the explosion of digital capabilities has created a world-wide town hall that gives consumers an opportunity to directly support the products and services they want. 

We would like to know about your CrowdFunding challenge or conundrum.  We would be more than happy to offer a no cost assessment of your idea. Our goal from inception has been to Establish a solid framework to create and add value to the Creator Economy and CrowdFunding community.  

You can email your question to contactus@crowdfundingplanning.com