Who has the best CrowdFunding Campaign portal and technology in the world ? You'll be surprised @ 433 Million in 2012 .

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We in CrowdFunding planning have been studying and researching CrowdSourcing and its sub set CrowdFunding . Both concepts are relatively new due to application of ;
  • Active Internet based crowd. (2.5 Billion internet users learning that they are not alone )
  • Fast, reliable and cheap bandwidth 
  • Reliable and cheap Internet enable devices ( Stateless, PCs,Laptop, tablets ...etc.)
  • Power of collective crowd wisdom and intelligence
  • When one runs out of money, one start thinking and innovating concept
Among our research, we learned how to be search effectively and find the best among the best . Our daily research in CrowdFunding  give us data and information in daily based  . 

As of today we find the most advanced CrowdFunding has been launched by " Obama for America’s Quick Donate ". 

Looking at this portal one can see the future of CrowdFunding in  next 6 to 12 months . Please click and review the details closely , if you are a CrowdFunding enthusiast like us , you will learn a lot .

Review :
  • Donate with SMS
  • Donate on the Web
  • Donate from Email

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