CrowdFunding is your Plan B

posted Nov 17, 2012, 11:42 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Nov 18, 2012, 8:51 AM ]

Many years ago, I decided to leave corporate America in order to have time to build my dreams. During this time (15 years ), I noticed my colloquies were mostly below fourthly five (45) years of age . Somehow, corporate did not keep older employees. 

I saw this trend accelerating during our recent recession ( actually a lifestyle change ) and specially as we left "information age" ( content ) and entered to "networking age" ( virtual relationship, social media, cloud technology , crowdsourcing ) . I found internet is an strong force that can accelerate success but at the same time eliminates middle man of all kind.  

For many of us Plan A ( our job ) did not work or is not working and we can not forecast when we can find the next job , retire or how long we will be able to keep our current jobs 

Recently, I saw this video which I believe it can help many of us.

"Networking age" has many tools and applications that can accelerate our success such as cloud sourcing, crowdsourcing and CrowdFunding

Watch this video and if you like to know “how to build your plan B”, contact us

We will help you to plan for your CrowdFunding, Co - build your CrowdFunding blueprint and assist you with our CrowdFunding mentors .

Why CrowdFunding planning is so important ? Planning in its DNA is an accelerator. It function and strategy allow you to accelerate your idea to reality. Going faster in direction of your of your goal increases your performance and synergies people around you .