What are your three main challenges ?

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Are you CrowdFunding? What are your three main challenges ?

Thank you +David Roddis for your comment 

1) Being relevant; We use Google search and automated it to find the trends, trends key phases , GEO and then tuned to be stay relevant on daily bases. This task without the help of Google is daunting task. The net result is when one gets the info on daily bases and reviews them after 6 to 8 months, he or she will be fully relevant to the subject matter. 

2) Identifying target groups; Using the above , Social Media blast , WEB SEO and Video SEO, Press release with lead catching subject, building community and asking questions , we have been able to be sticky and let the target group to find us ( in bounding ) , Outbounding is too expensive, time consuming and not the best way to find a target audience. We receive in excess of 20 + opportunities a day .

3) Small social network ; This takes time . For us to be the largest CrowdFunding group / network in Google + ( this small social community at ~ 2150 ) took a year . Take a look at these CrowdFunding Groups :http://goo.gl/rW8bim (about 20 of them) .. And a network of our mentors expertshttp://goo.gl/mXa5zo . 

If you would like, you can contactus@CrowdFundingPlanning , we are at your service and thanks again

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