CrowdFunding Planning and CrowdFunding mentors are announcing portals for both Crowd Funding mentors and their start-up entrepreneurs

posted May 18, 2013, 10:21 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Jun 7, 2013, 11:15 AM by ]

This week , CrowdFunding Planning and CrowdFunding mentors  are announcing and launching

Crowd Funding Frameworks are educational, Wiki and work book  portals for both Crowd Funding mentors and their start-up entrepreneurs . 

A step by step process to build a successful CrowdFunding project. We are empowered by Google's technology.

CrowdFundingworks vision and mission is to build the largest open system community of  expert  Crowd Funding mentors, consultant, advisors , coaches, portals and start-up entrepreneurs . This will empower all crowdFunding enthusiasts and patrons to join hand promote Crowd Funding to the masses . Where the Creator Economy is replacing the old Industrial and Consumer Economies!

The CrowdFunding Frameworks is designed to empower  Crowdfunding Consultants and Advisors and  build a Wiki community that its expert source and enrich  the CrowdFunding Ecosystem .  CrowdFunding Frameworks  is the result of more than 5000 hours of research and actual hands on CrowdFunding project management, development and its constancy with  "Crowd" and issuers and CrowdFunding portal developers .

Through all the steps in past , present and future we knowledge source   and collect concept feedback and concept validations, thus with the help of the "crowd" we are  improving and updating  Crowd Funding Frameworks everyday.


With proper planning, your CrowdFunding campaign has a significantly better chance of success. CrowdFunding is partly art and partly science. It is a funding method that can be learned and mastered. 

CrowdFunding can be a continuous endeavor.  Regardless if you reach your campaign goal or not, additional campaigns should be considered. If you are successful, you may want to keep your project in front of the "crowd" by launching another campaign. If it was initially unsuccessful, you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses to improve your results on a next go-around. More...  

Following is screen capture of  CrowdFunding Frameworks . 

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