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posted Apr 29, 2013, 3:27 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Apr 29, 2013, 5:12 PM ]

The 100 refers the peak search interest in the United states . First graph represents "the word Crowd Funding", Indiegogo , , Rockethub Gofundme 

The 100 refers the peak search interest in the United states . First graph represents "the word Crowd Funding", Indiegogo , , Rockethub, Gofundme  and Kickstarter 

Where are we going ? Look at the trends and search on three words CrowdFunding, Venture capital and Bank lending . 2014 will be the year of CrowdFunding and we project the volume would be around 15 + Billion worldwide . 

We  hope you can read between the lines 

CrowdFunding is not a two dimensional paradigm and it just does not start when the campaign starts . CrowdFunding "project"  starts as part of business revenue / fund raising phase..( in case one does not want to go to VCs , banks or family members)

Crowd Funding success is not just about raising money. Success is about delivering the product,  service , event or the promise ( donation based ) , collecting the statistics , the crowd backers emails , build relationship and go for the next big one. .

When the crowd's love you and  trust you, then you can really share your idea and success .. We all know the highest value in any sales is " the trust" . 

We spend  seven (7)  hours with every Crowd Funding enthusiast to show them the pillars of successful crowdfunding " project", Some get it , some do not . Some think,  they need to just satisfy what it takes to fill out a campaign page ( Video, text , pictures, story , awards, goal , timing , the pitch ..Etc. ).  

85% of this group and more fail  their campaign . We see ads saying , " YOU DO YOUR BUSINESS , WE DO YOUR CrowdFuning ), How ? We do not know yet . How one knows more than you about your product and service ??? 

We believe CrowdFunding is only a part of  the journey that should be predictable, repeatable and also reasonable  Social Media, PR , Email  and press campaigns are part of  what is needed . Business model , plan , financial forecast, competition analytic is a must ... Just think about this ... If a successful CrowdFunding is the proof of concept , then   Chines are watching Kickstarter as their FREE Market research engine   .. As you see why CrowdFunding SWOT is so important .

Posted by : David Khorram