Three big challenges in CrowdFunding Marketing, rewards, attention?

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Marketing, rewards, attention?

1) Marketing : I agree with you since once you know how much you want to raise , then you have taken Funding From CrowdFunding.

What is left is the Crowd. Interested, relevant crowd . To raise 10K, one need 50 dollars from 200 people . At 1% response you need 2000 and about 20,000 visitors to your campaign . Of course Friends and family help to reduce the above statistics . One of the best ways is to build your Community , Find the right blogger and journalists and start asking the questions you have . You also can build your Marketing team and expert Crowd source 

2- Rewards; This one is easier . Find , research the relevant successful campaigns . There are many ways to do this . Then study in detail what they offered as the reward and even the starched goal . Then build the your reward and using your soft launch get validation . Please consider if you have to ship it to Brazil , how much would be the cost 

3- Attention . To keep peoples' attention you have to work hard . Please watch this , it will help : . Simply spread your idea and find who will resonate to it and ask them to find others . Do your best to be on 1st page of Google or YouTube.

I.e. Type in YouTube search " what is crowdfunding " Find 1st video on 1st page
Type in the Google search " CrowdFunding mentors " Find us 6 times on 1st page 
These bring lots of attention 
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