The crowdfunded elite: Successful Kickstarter campaigns in the world of technology

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Every year, thousands of aspirants ask for crowdfunding - money from people who are willing to back a new idea. Kickstarter is where hundreds of new products receive initial funding to get started. Hitesh Raj Bhagat looks at some of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns from the world of technology.


63,416 backers
Goal: $ 950,000
AMOUNT PLEDGED: $8,596,474 (904% funded)
STATUS: Now available for sale at

There are game consoles, there are PCs and then there are handheld devices. Ouya borrows a little bit from all of them to create something totally unique for gamers. It's powered by Android, has the guts of a handheld device and uses a wireless game controller. It hooks up to a TV or projector for a big screen gaming experience. Their idea behind it is to make gaming more affordable (given the high price of new games). Games are cheaper to make and cheaper to buy. Many are completely free. And since it is built on Android, thousands of games already exist and developers know how to make new ones. In essence, it's an open, gaming and entertainment unit that could bring about change in several related industries.

Elevation Dock for iPhones

12,521 backers
Goal: $75,000
AMOUNT PLEDGED: 1,464706 (1,952% funded)
STATUS: now available for sale at with worldwide shipping

Milled from a solid block of aluminium, the Elevation Dock does away with all the misgivings of the conventional iPhone/iPod dock. It works with or without a case and docks without you having to align the connectors up. You can use it as a bedside charging dock, on a desk or when you want to connect your iPhone to other AV equipment. Since the dock itself is super heavy, the iPhone separates from it as soon as you pick it up. The original version uses Apple's 30-pin connector but there's a newer version available for devices that use the Lightning connector.

Narrative (previously Memoto)

2,871 backers
Goal: $50,000
AMOUNT PLEDGED: $550,189 (1,100% funded)
STATUS: now available for pre-order at with free worldwide shipping.

Narrative is what the makers call a 'lifelogging' camera - it's a tiny, weather-proof, unobtrusive and autonomous camera and GPS module that you can clip to your clothing. It takes two geotagged photos per minute and stores them in internal memory. The idea is that you have a complete 'record' of your life which you can revisit or share with others at any time. The built in battery lasts for two days and it charges and transfers photos by connecting to a computer. When you connect to a computer, every photo is uploaded to their secure, infinite cloud storage for US$9 per month. Paired with the mobile apps, your life moments are easily searchable and accessible from anywhere.

Folding USB Solar Cell

1755 backers
Goal: $5000
AMOUNT PLEDGED: 193,230 (3,864% funded)
STATUS: now available for sale at with worldwide shipping

If you live in a sunny area, these small, efficient solar cells from Brown Dog Solar can help power up your numerous gadgets without relying on the electricity grid. The cells are tough, foldable and flexible. Backpackers or bikers can store them in a bag or you could just hang it up on a window in your home. The solar cells do not have a battery, only a USB port to directly charge your gadgets. You can team them with a battery pack though - and then use the battery pack to charge your devices.

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