Safe Crowdfunding:Do I need to Protect My Ideas!

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Safe Crowdfunding:Do I need to Protect My Ideas!

Crowdfunding has been behind some of the most innovative ideas of the last five years. But project starters must still be wary of the dangers lurking in the crowd.

We are about to launch a portal that allows Crowd Funding project owners to share their ideas as many as people and as many as cases to find investors and get proof of concept a year to six months ahead of your campaign launch date. Crowd Funding without Crowd will not be a success. Finding relevant and dedicated crowd ( backers / investors ) takes time and there is no magic to it . Crowd Funding is not the field of dream . 

As you see I have practiced what we believe at the end of this message

We believe : 

1- Ideas are a Dime a Dozen. People Who Implement Them are Priceless. In the end it’s always about the same thing execution, execution, execution. The There are many good ideas with the cobweb on it. I work with about 10+ new Crowd Funding entrepreneurs on weekly bases. If they do not share their idea ( not all the details ) as early as possible, they will not be able to get idea validation and they stand the chance of building something that needs two years of hard work which at the end nobody wants it.. I have done that myself . You may not agree with this , then please watch this Video about share your idea :

2- Remember, at the end of the road, Crowd Funding is about getting your idea and standing on an internet pedestal ( portal ) and sharing with the world ( social media, press releases, web and video SEO .... EC. ) . If one is not comfortable with the idea, then they should not CrowdFund 

3- Regarding patent ; The patent is a matter of wanting but not needing. Considering, if you pay to get your patent and can afford 10K - 45K+ to secure it, then what do you do when a large company copy your product or idea and service in China or even in the USA ? 

Do you have 100K+ to defend your patent ? And how long do you want to wait when they object to the ruling? 

4- You may not agree with my point of view , Please watch this video .Guy Kawasaki has many years of experience as a VC and an Entrepreneur and very respected . He covers the patent issue .
If you want to sell your idea or company , then there is merit to patent but for protection I do not believe will work for non bio tech vertical .

5- The best way is to CrowdFund your idea to get concept validation and even you may raise some seed money . If Crowd likes you , then you can increase and accelerate your rate of innovation and do not worry about competition. The largest Crowd Funding reward project in the USA as of today is about 33 million , 

Now about sharing idea and practicing what we believe . Watch this video and let me know if you want to be part of it or like to share with us your comments : .

The best is for you to contact us directly at 949-442-6666 ext 103 or
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