President Obama's Indiegogo CrowdFunding called GLASSIFY!

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 The George Greenstein Institute (GGI), a think/do tank delivering truly applied neuroscience into the hands of learners and leaders, is crowdfunding a groundbreaking global brain awareness challenge through Indiegogo called GLASSIFY! - ( that answers President Obama's call to bring science, and in particular brain mapping, into focus.

WHY NOW: In last week's State of the Union, President Obama made his second demand in two months to have science, learning and leadership be part of the national mandate. He's now embarking on a decade-long project to build a map of the human brain. Increased brain health awareness and research is crucial towards finding cures.

HOW: GGI is asking all individuals passionate about the brain to go to the GLASSIFY! Indiegogo page to donate to the first of a new series of INVENTIO!BRAINS CHALLENGES and support brain awareness and research.

WHAT: GGI is meeting the President's challenge by announcing a challenge of its own: GLASSIFY!, an art and science challenge launching March 11, 2013 during Brain Awareness week on GGI's new site INVENTIO!BRAINS is the first art and science hub to bring transparent, open source tools to neuroscientists, neurohealth advocates, designers, artists, learners and leaders to collaborate and accelerate research and solutions for brain health. GGI is seeking to crowdfund enough resources to bring GLASSIFY! exhibitions across the U.S. and even to the White House.

Here is what the next generation of arts, tech and neuroscience pioneers have to say:

"The President is correct in putting the brain on the national map. It is revolutionary that he has used the phrase 'brain mapping,' a core pursuit of brain research. GGI is bringing a tool, a community and a passionate focus to brain awareness, and supporting art and science is core to our neurological research," said Noah Hutton, filmmaker and founder of The Beautiful Brain. "We want to bring a beautiful brain to the President's office and it will be made through the American spirit of a crowdsourced invention. We hope the nation can join us in our efforts by supporting GLASSIFY!"

"Our project has completely benefited from an open source approach to science by accelerating our own research into brain development," said Stephen Larson, founder of the Open Worm Project "Open source allows us to bring art and science, social media and collaboration together. GGI is going to help in this movement towards brain awareness and health through its GLASSIFY! INVENTIO!BRAINS CHALLENGE. We can empower the next generation of students and researchers to work collaboratively. The President has it right; now is the time, and GGI is serious about helping to meet his call."

"As a neuro-tech entrepreneur, I am thrilled the President wants to see more innovation. In our work with accessible and affordable brain sensing technology, we have seen how passionate and engaged in neuroscience kids become when they can apply it to themselves -- actually see what's going on in their own minds," said Ariel Garten, founder and CEO of InteraXon Inc, creators of Muse, the brain sensing headband. "GGI's close alignment with kids and students will help to advance passion for science, and their participation in GLASSIFY! will increase awareness about the critical nature of meeting the neuro-needs of people through research, technology and amazing creative challenges."

About The George Greenstein Institute (GGI) 
GGI is a 501c3 think/do tank dedicated to delivering truly applied neuroscience into the hands of learners and leaders. GGI designs brain awareness, brain health, and new arts and neuroscience programs for diverse communities and organizations around the

INVENTIO!BRAINS™ is an online, social action hub for learning, loving and sharing all things neuro and new. Fueled by GGI, INVENTIO!BRAINS finally offers brain and mind enthusiasts a community-driven site that integrates science, arts and technology learning. Here people can share ideas and images, create groups, develop projects and engage in our global challenges for rewards.

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