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  1. Collaborate, design and deploy educational media to make Crowd Funding Campaign's easier, faster and scale-able.
  2. Promote CrowdFunding Campaigns and Communities
  3. Educating CrowdFunding communities (businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, the public, media and regulatory bodies) on CrowdFunding technology, trends, initiatives, regulations and best practices - CrowdSourcing
  4. Developing portals to assist, educate and support CrowdFunding communities through websites, Video conferencing, Social media, cloud workshops, webinars, conferences and events - CloudSourcing
  5. Educating CrowdFunding communities and the public in identifying and reporting fraud in the CrowdFunding industry - CrowdPolicing
  6. Providing cloud , crowd tools and networking opportunities to connect with CrowdFunding professionals in the industry - ExpertSourcing
  7. Broadcasting , advocating for the growth of a collaborative and dynamic CrowdFunding industry in the United States - Create Jobs
  8. Build and deploy CrowdFunding educational portals, business technology and marketing applications through Google Cloud technology as a means of super-charging innovation at a global scale, empowering the Crowd Funding community.