Your CrowdFunding campaign best option , Go to the cloud to build your crowd

posted Sep 11, 2012, 4:51 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Sep 13, 2012, 7:17 AM ]
In past when you decided to raise money for your idea and business  , you did what you could to write a compelling business plan . this included:
  1. Business plan overview
  2. Executive summary ( who are in the management, background and experience )  
  3. Vision statement
  4. Industry and company description
  5. Market analysis and competitive advantage
  6. Marketing & sales plan
  7. Operating plan
  8. Management team
  9. Risks mitigation  and contingency plan
  10. Financial plan 
Then , If you have a fantastic idea, a fantastic business concept  and a fantastic business plan  you still may not be able to raise money through the banks  , since you have to have a fantastic loan application which needs solid financial history , cash follow,.....  and history of transaction ( Bank statements )

The next option is VC and Angle investors, then you still need many of the above plus a Strong pitch  and be able to travel and go to see them . 

We believe , the best option is CrowdFunding   Reward based. if you  want to have a successful Crowd Funding. These are the steps which we call it "Go to the cloud  to build your crowd:  
  1. Strong cloud based Information technology system that can provide you with low cost but high performance ( I.e Google apps ) . As system  that is not costly and can grow with you as needed:
    1. Email
    2. Calendar
    3. Web engine
    4. Video engine
    5. Contact 
    6. Cloud storage with Doc, presentation , spreadsheet, form, survey 
    7. CRM, Help desk, marketing engine, email marketing engine,  customer management, blog .....etc.
  2. World class website ( your branding  and place to have your web enable business plan ) - Your business plan in the cloud 
  3. Social media engines and dashboard to create your crowd or your social capital
  4. Compelling video ( your Pitch )
  5. Use CrowdFunding Planning best practices to prepare for your CrowdFunding campaign .. Campaign means a process with milestones   
  6. Select a CrowdFunding portal and transfer  part of  your business plan in the cloud and your video to it and then get your crowd to visit and invest in your project using the steps and strategy recommended in   CrowdFunding Planning best practices
  7. You also need to have a great  Executive summary . 
We recently saw this blog from  that we find it extremely useful 

The executive summary is a crucial part of your business plan. whether you are a Start-up or Growing Business It is the first - and possibly last! - thing that an investor, bank or partner will read. They say that people make up their mind about someone within seconds of meeting. The executive summary is similar - if you don't strike the right tone it will only be a matter of seconds before you hear the dull thud of your professional business plan hitting the reject pile. So, here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting your audience to read it, and read on.

1. Write It Last
The executive summary is the culmination of your business planning - not the start point. It should illustrate how joined up and complete your business proposition is. If you write it early on you are likely to create a disconnect between your executive summary and the content of your business plan. A good way to start is to summarise the content from sections of the plan. Then link them up and edit to create a compelling story....

2. Horses for Courses - Write for Your Audience
Make the purpose of the plan clear (raising funding? which type? etc.) and tweak your executive summary for your audience. If you are writing for an equity investor make sure you include a section on investment, ROI etc.. Likewise, if you are looking for a bank loan make sure you tick all the boxes in terms of lending criteria. Make sure it is crystal clear what you want from whoever is reading your business plan.

3. "Leave them Wanting More...
.. and you know they'll read on" (abridged. Bobby Womak). It needs to be complete in itself. It also needs to be short, to the point. And most of all - compelling. No one invests or signs of debt finance on the basis of an executive summary (if you know someone let me know). It is designed to give enough information to create interest and compel the reader to read on. So, make sure you cover the Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? of your business proposition. Keep sentences short for impact. And entice the reader to read on ...