Never stop starting up! CrowdFunding dream

posted Nov 4, 2013, 10:43 AM by Unknown user
Nice...came here to post the same link. Being that I was a part of a recent unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign. I could relate to most of the points listed in this article.
Dear Sahil , why do you call it unsuccessful . Did you ever biked before ? Did you stopped trying when you fell off the bike?
Get up, dust yourself off, clean slate and come right back, not only with a vengeance but also with a plan to win your CrowdFunding dream." Never stop starting up! CrowdFunding dream."

Build your team , CrowdFunding is a team work .

is it hard work ? yes .. Does it pay yes . 
Remember if it was easy , the we were not here . 

One last thing.. Start learning Google sites ... The fabric of Google helps to promote .. Just type CrowdFunding mentors in Google search .. we are on the 1st page 6 times .. That is not by accident web SEO, Social Media SEO , Video SEO....etc. You can find us for CrowdFunding consulting and about 30 other key phrases on the 1st page too 

About word press , just remember *if it is FREE you are the PRODUCT"

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