Kool Things – control your whole home from your phone ?

posted Jan 25, 2014, 10:58 PM by Sallar Khorram   [ updated Jan 30, 2014, 1:04 PM by David Khorram ]

Introducing the new “iWanditAll” platform. It is a combination of KoolThings and Smartphone resulting in KoolApplications for IoT or Internet of Things. KooThings consists of multifunction, multisensory KoolWand and KoolBridge. KoolBridge acts as a bridge and converts WiFi / Bluetooth / BLE commands from Android or ios mobile devices to Infrared / Bluetooth / BLE signals for the purpose of controlling variety of your electronic home appliances or devices wirelessly or via IR blaster cable. KoolBridge also receives triggering events from BLE sensors for sending notifications and messages to mobile devices so as to provide additional cloud services.

KoolWand acts as tool for child safety, theft prevention, pet safety, find misplaced phones and keys, pedometer and many more. It acts as a universal remote control that transforms the mobile device into an ultimate remote control for IR Based TVs/DVDs, Camcorders, LED lights, Apple TV box and many more. This tool can convert DSLR Cameras, Smartphone cameras, smartphone music players to remotes to play or convert music or watch videos. The remote control features are initiated with just a press of a button or swiping the touch screens. This is known as the Gesture Control feature of the iWanditAll app.

KoolTechs Inc. has collaborated with DeciveLab Inc., to design the “iWanditAll” Koolthings Platform and started a campaign on Kickstarter’s crowd funding website for the purpose of bringing the system to mass production.  The campaign is well underway, gaining fantastic traction with 61% funding of a $50,000 goal and 30 days to go. Take a look for yourself, Koolthings can really change how you live. There are future plans of developing Bluetooth low energy-based apps to link the KoolThings accessories with other wearable devices as well as home-automation products. The KoolThings platform will also be further expanded with the KoolSensors (Wired and Wireless),KoolAccessories and Cloud Services.

KoolTechs Inc. has also partnered with CrowdFunding Planning. To learn more about the Koolthings Platform and how it can enhance your life visitPromoteMyCrowdFunding or watch a detailed video about Koolthings.

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By Sallar Khorram