Jumpshot: A New Weapon to Battle PC Frustration- CrowdFunding success story and best practices

posted Sep 7, 2012, 1:21 PM by David Khorram

Dave and Pedram, has done a fantastic campaign , be part of their success  

Hey there,

Just hours to go until the end of our Kickstarter campaign. A gentle reminder that if you live outside of the US, please ensure that you've adjusted your pledge accordingly to cover shipping costs. For rewards under $100, add $10 for shipping to Canada, add $15 for international shipping. For rewards over $100, add $15 for shipping to Canada, add $20 for international shipping. 

We received our first production USB 8GB 2.0 samples this week. Check them out:

Here's a quick video demonstrating a stick in action:

We've put these guys through some robustness testing this week. Minions in the pocket, minions tossed in the backpack, you get the idea. Overall very impressive, we're having our manufacturer make some final minor tweaks to ensure consistency with the popout USB connectors. 

We purchased a variety of 8GB sticks off the shelve for comparison, coated the outsides in bacon, and assigned the task of opening them to our resident pooch:

Once he completed the arduous task of tearing the packaging open, we stepped in and performed some read-write performance testing. Our 8GB sticks have an average read speed of 20MB/s, and write speed of 8GB/s as you can see.  We usedUSBDeview to accomplish this test.  Here are the full results:

In other good news, we are finally in possession of shirts we are proud of enough to share actions shots of:


-Dave and Pedram

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