Invitation - Becoming a Crowd Funding mentor

posted May 9, 2013, 4:05 AM by David Khorram
"Successful Crowd Funding is an expert sourced team work". Be part of the largest CrowdFunding mentor and consulting Group in the world.

Becoming a mentor offers even more benefits. Crowd Funding Mentors, in partnership with, offer mentors the opportunity to create a personalized and fully customizable page within the Crowd Funding Directory. The and its Crowd Funding Directory are seen monthly by thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses alike. This will provide you with valuable online advertising space for yourself, your expertise and your services.

CrowdFunding Mentors will be able to learn the official 7 Par CrowdFunding Framework. Mentors will also be able to utilize a proprietary CrowdCrowdFunding success. Further, mentors will have access to the CrowdFunding Business Model. The CrowdFunding Business Model helps mentors work with their clients to figure out the root “challenges”, “how” and “why’s” of their campaign. The chances of a success crowd funding campaign are greatly increased by all the things done before the campaign is launched. Mentors no longer have to pitch individual crowd funding services, in hopes that it will work. Being a mentor will allow you to offer clients a solid crowd funding road map to success.

Last but not least, being a CrowdFunding Mentor will give you the opportunity to be part of the exclusive lead sharing program. Crowd funding, and all the tasks that need to be done to create a solid campaign, isn't done by one person. Crowd funding takes teamwork. Consultants, content writers, videographers, social media specialist, product developers, graphic designers, web developers, marketing, advertising, public relations, attorneys and the crowd are needed. Being a Mentor, allows you to have a trusted network of other mentors whom you can called upon to assist in their campaigns. You will no longer have to wonder how to reach and engage the crowd for your clients. You will no longer be left with a situation of “not knowing” who to turn to for help or answers. You will no longer feel the anxiety of wondering how to maintain a consistent flow of clients.

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