How to promote my kickstarter project and what is the best way to promote kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign

posted Feb 10, 2014, 10:02 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 10:05 PM ]
By David Khorram

How to promote my kickstarter project and what is the best way to promote kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign?

We suggest you review CrowdFunding Planning services. We are experienced, committed to success and guarantee results. Following are Our Focus and Commitment to Crowdfunding communities:

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CrowdFunding Education
CrowdFunding Consultation
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  2. Paid services (
CrowdFunding Promotion
  1. Pre CrowdFunding
    1. Free services (
    2. Paid service (
        2.   Throughout CrowdFunding campaign (
        3.   CrowdFunding campaign Ecosystem (

Paid CrowdFunding Promotional Services:

CrowdFunding portal value and promise are to promote your campaign to the crowd of thousands or million potential backers. But in reality they expect you to bring your crowd and about 30% to 50% of your campaign financial goals. Once you deliver this, then they will take a chance to promote you to their 1st page of CrowdFunding portal category and sometimes to the 1st page of their portal. This way you get thousands of eyeballs to potentially fund your campaign.
Then the challenge is the relevant crowd. 

You know by now, only portion of the crowd you attack will visit the campaign (5% to 10%) and a percentage of them will back and invest in your campaign (1 to 2%. Naturally, you need over 300,000 to 500,000+ people to be exposed to your campaign prior and during the 1st two weeks of campaigning. 

You can build some of your crowd and we can help you to build more. Following is a list of services. These services are designed to assist Crowd Funding project owners pre and throughout their campaign. We have supported and managed many successful campaigns.

You need a relevant and targeted crowd to fund your idea. Your promotional and marketing investments will empower your project & brand, before, throughout and after your Crowd Funding campaign. 

List of our Comprehensive CrowdFunding Promotional Services:
  • Crowd and Community Building Services:
    • Social Media accounts Setup and Management
      • Google +
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • YouTube
      • Pinterest
      • Linkedin
      • and Others
    • Building and Developing your Social Media Accounts
      • Twitter - 1000 relevant followers a week
      • Facebook - 1000 relevant likes a month
      • Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest followers
    • Social Media Promotion
      • Call for action headlines, hyperlink and analytic development - 50 to 80 headlines
      • Headline postings and scheduling in Crowd Funding Planning Social Media accounts (G+. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,... Etc.. 200K+)
      • Headline postings and scheduling in your Social Media accounts ( G+. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,... Etc.. 20K+)
      • Relevant news postings in your Social Media accounts (G+. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,... Etc.. 20K+)
    • Social Media Affinity Marketing and Exclusive Promotional Services
      • Headline postings and scheduling in affiliate Social Media accounts (G+. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,... Etc.. 200K+)
      • Promote your campaign to 15000+ CrowdFunding investors (Crowd Funding philanthropist or CrowdFunding Micro angles) with proven track of 100+ Crowd Funding campaign investments
    • Video content creation and YouTube Promotion Services
      • Campaign video script and story book
      •  Video content upload, optimization and  boost views
    • Social Media Training Program
      • A full spectrum consultation and training regiment that can tactically examine  your CrowdFunding goal within your Campaign
  • CrowdFunding SoftLaunch development - Pre CrowdFunding concept validation and promotion
  • CrowdFunding HardLaunch development - Crowdfunding - pre order website
    • ( sample
  • CrowdFunding Campaign Relaunch development 
  • Email Marketing setup and management
    • Co Create and Edit E-mail campaigns
    • Create  Email Html  code 
    • Create and Edit content for individual campaigns
    • Manage your CrowdFunding subscriber lists and individual subscribers
    • Build back links, hyper link and call for action buttons 
    • Produce analytic for your past e-mail campaigns including
      • Delivery rate
      • E-mail bounce rate
      • Click-through rate within the individual campaigns
      • And more...
  • Reputation monitoring and Management
    • Promote positive content to enhance the brand
    • Automated persistent  reputation monitoring
    • Automated persistent  online conversation monitoring
    • Automated  response strategy
    • Creating an Intranet private website  to grab searches
    • Constant proactive press releases, news, articles, and conversations delivered on relevant and  various points of influence
  • Internet Marketing Services and link building service (SEO)
  • Creative and Brand Identity Services
    • Brand: Develop a brand promise, mission statement, corporate identity, logo and design, as well as perform research to ensure your relevant and target audience
    • Bundle Design: Through thorough detail research of your industry, we will design, innovate and implement a unique marketing plan that lets your product stand out among the competition.
    • Event guidance: We can provide guidance throughout your physical and social media event planning process to enforce the best strategies
    • Advertising: We’re experienced in creating a variety of web and printed marketing materials that are guaranteed to get attention and attract new followers, backers and investors
    • Online Presentation: Create websites and landing pages to create a lasting impression for your CrowdFunding project and Campaign
  • Content development and Press Release
    • Research it: We research the topic and automate the search process and daily content delivery for you  for you. This could be used for your  article or  announcement or enriching your blog posting.
    • Create It: Write an article or  announcement about your CrowdFunding project or campaign. This could be before or during your campaign and for a product, services  or event.
    • Optimize It: Turn your article or  announcement release into a search marketing asset with Add keywords  and hyperlinks, video and pictures to target your ideal  followers, backers or investors  on search engines. ( website links,  video and photos to attract more attention)
    • Distribute It: We will deliver your story (article or  announcement) to every major search engine, national news sites, and 30,000+  journalists and bloggers — generating  branding, visibility and buzz for your business.
  • Branding building services
    • Build significant brand awareness
    • Virally market your products and services
    • Generate dramatic traffic to your website
    • Get instant feedback from your customers to improve your offerings

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