How To Make Crowdfunding Work for You? The EXACT Secret and Philosophy!

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“How To Make Crowdfunding Work for YOU? The EXACT Secret/Philosophy Behind A Successfull Crowdfunding System worth $5,000 to $50,000!”

Crowdfunding Law of Reciprocity How To Make Crowdfunding Work for You? The EXACT Secret and Philosophy!

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The Secret/Philosophy

The beauty of crowdfunding lies in how a group of people with the same preference over a particular subject can influence their collective action to bring sudden and dramatic uniformed changes, either for better or for worse.

The “Law of Reciprocity” and “Criterion of Believe” has been the two prevalent determinants ofcrowdfunding success.

So, how do you manipulate theses gems to your campaign?

The Law of Reciprocity in Crowdfunding

If you have been paying much attention on the Basics and Strategy of Crowdfunding Campaign earlier, all the tactics stated fundamentally revolve around The Law of Reciprocity.

In the virtual community, the “Give-and-Take” attitude is one of the yardsticks which people measure upon your virtue, more so when it comes to crowdfunding campaign.

You might say, “Yeah, promise a reward and secure a support, right?” Partially, yes.

This may work to your family and avid fans.

But remember that other people in the community may not be enticed by your perks after all.

Hence, to achieve that kind of receptiveness, you should bridge the interpersonal gap through:

1. Start Building Trust via Crowdsharing

Although your campaign is counting down the deadline, you would still need to gain the trust of the potential contributors to fund your venture.

Tap into the subject of their interests related to your pitching niche.

Provide valuable information, tips, tricks and precautions to help increase their exposure in the subject through various channels (Forums, Discussion Boards and Blogs).

Give inspirational insights on your valuable campaign experience to those passionate about your niche and would like to follow your footstep in crowdfunding.

When people start letting down their guts to communicate with you, it will then be your opportunity to mention about your campaign during your interaction.

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2. Have You Increased Your Healthy Links?

In social networking, sharing mutual interest over a subject is the force that binds a group together. Regardless of the social channels, links are seen casted everywhere, linking either to another or their own site, to share opinions on the similar subject. To leverage on this concept, you should:

First provide links in your blogs or sites to other quality information sites.

Give supportive and constructive comments on their site with your signature carrying links to your personal dedicated website to indirectly divert them to your crowdfunding site.

This reciprocal action will eventually build your web presence and receive natural links from others who sees your credibility, reliability and self-orientation on your niche within the community.

3. Why Take A Step Forward Means So Much to You?

Leveraging on your existing network is also essential and saves you some bridging works.

Community networks such as Facebook and Twitter are examples of great ways to promote your campaign through status postings. You may:

Post teasers about your collection of campaign perks or provide pictures on your product prototypes or share your campaign videos and request their show of support.

Do something nice or give sincere wall comments on their activities which may engage them to visit your recent profile or drop you a greeting line where you can introduce your campaign in a less pushy way.

Make interesting highlights on hot topics within your community that you see have the opportunity to relate to your campaign.
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