How to CrowdFund your future car , new home , New appliances, any electronic and mechanical gadgets, events, new risky inventions and much , much more

posted Mar 17, 2013, 8:42 AM by David Khorram
I know many financial experts from old school do not believe Crowd Funding equity based would be approved by the SEC or could be a game changing player . I do not know how much SEC can and will water it down , but I am sure , we will have Crowd Funding equity 1,Crowd Funding equity 2, Crowd Funding equity 3 and ... The 2.1 billion internet users will win against the Wall-Street bureaucrats and force  SEC act as a free market regulatory and not a bureaucratic body .

Like the car industry , we can lose Crowd Funding industry to Europ, Japan and even China ( i.e  Float Money or even more futuristic concepts like Bitcoins. Caixin recently profiled ) . We started CrowdFunding movement  but they will enjoy its fruit if we do not act in 2013 .

The SEC and our government allow anyone to buy ( to invest )  $1, or even $10,000+ dollars worth of lottery ticket from any convenient store or even go to Vegas and gamble it . But SEC does not trust us ( unaccredited investors ) to invest or even gamble on American Entrepreneur which are trying to CrowdFund his dream and idea . 

I am sure most of our doubt comes from our ill repute firms on wall street . The regulation did not help them and I am not sure why SEC thinks will help CrowdFunding . Except in Crowd Funding , The crowd can easily police the process 

We all know what  "the so called expert"  did in Wallstreet and even are doing now ( last Friday hearing in Washington ) . The net result is simple , Just look at the state of the IPO in the USA in the last two years which has crashed  ... Me and a lot of other people / investors would not ever go back to the Market for the next 40 years until I am dead  ( refer to the stock market between 1929 to 1960s ) .

Still, I am very , very optimistic about US economy and state of CrowdFunding. Just look at this CrowdFunding pre sale campaign that just started 3 days ago . On 1st day they raised 2.7 Million ( ) . She is at 3.5 Million today and heading to 12 Million by end of  Veronica Mars CrowdFunding campaign . I am wondering how Movie executives  and producers ( middle men )  thinking now in Hollywood also many creative talented people which were blocked by them ?  

You know people will be engaged and learn more about CrowdFunding when  Ryan Seacrest  Recap  (Tuesday, August 21, 2012 Kristen Bell )  ‘Veronica Mars’  Kickstarter CrowdFunding campaign .

The story does not end here , There are 2.1 billion internet users in the world that are expanding per second and they all just start learning about CrowdFunding ( Art of by passing so called experts and start of Creators Economy and marketing directly to the end users and customers ) . I call CrwodFunding an Innovation accelerator .

CrowdFunding will pass 6 Billion in 2013 and 17 Billion in 2014 .. Very soon you can CrowdFund your future car , new house ( :) , New appliances, any electronic and mechanical  gadgets, events, new risky inventions and much , much more . Personally , I would love to buy tickets for the next upcoming Star Trak movie in 2015 for 15 dollars now and get the pick of the preview sooner than public and achieve give 10K to have 3 second Role in it .. We all know buying it in advance would save us and also will finance the innovation .