Sandy Hook CrowdFunding launched Campaigns as of Friday are bout 46 and growing - A CrowdFuning Planning report

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All of us are impacted with what has happen in Sandy Hook . 

We all need to take actions. We as a nation have a problem and finger pointing does not help. 

This is not about guns, assault rifles, automatic machine guns for duck hunting , high capacity magazine, self protection   or sports .. it is about us and why and what we so afraid of ( see the statistics bellow - this statistics  is only matched in countries that they have civil war ) 

We, at  CrowdFuning planning have chosen a path to communicate the  information we find that could help all of us to get better understanding, who we are an how we can solve Gun homicides and gun ownership .

About the statistics:

Number of  Sandy Hook CrowdFunding launched Campaigns  as of Friday is bout 46  and growing . We will review these campaigns very closely and will report  . We all need to be part of the solution.

Within hours of the news breaking of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, dozens of people took to Indiegogoto create crowdfunding campaigns to benefit victims, emergency responders, memorial services and others.

With so many campaigns with nearly the same goal, and even the same hero image, it can be tough to know which one to choose. The glut of campaigns also means that the majority haven't yet raised over a hundred dollars. 

There is at least one notable exception with a proven track record for fundraising for worthy causes on Indiegogo, and that's Max Sidorov'scampaign to help the families of victims with funeral, medical and counseling costs.

Sidorov was the guy behind the earlier Indiegogo campaign to raise money for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein to send her on a vacation, which raised over half a million dollars.

He's also raised money since then on the platform for other anti-drunk driving and bullying campaigns.

Indiegogo has become a go-to platform for fundraising of late, particularly for Hurricane Sandy relief, due in part to its laissez-faire approach to crowdfunding, allowing anyone to raise funds for just about anything.

Wherever you decide to donate, always be sure to do a little research to help ensure that your money makes its way to your desired cause.

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