CrowdFunding Validates Innovative Business Idea for "Angel" & "VC's" -

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Steve Case Crowdfunds America: SXSW Forbes Exclusive

1:08    CASE:  it is going to help a lot of High Growth very important reason is Access to
                 Capital,  and CrowdFunding going to help a lot of Entreprenuers..."

1:10    Forbes:    "As a Venture Capitalist....does this (CrowdFunding) put you out of Business..?

1:13    CASE:      " NO ... any time there is disruption  people do not know what to expect....."   

1:20    CASE:    " my view is ....number will help a lot of entrepreneurs get going......some of those,         
                after they raise a few hundred thousand dollar,,,,thru CrowdFunding....might need a few million 
                dollars...and turn to Venture Capital ,,,and thus is more of an augmenting the Angle Network 
                and seed funding that exists...."

1:45    CASE:    " on balance, I think it going to be a great thing for the NATION, a great thing for the 

1:52    CASE:    " an early radar on Interesting New Companies and New Ideas.."

2:22    Forbes:  " you look at a Company that get's a ton of look at that as a 
                Validation of the Idea....and take that into account when doing Due Diligence...?

2:30    CASE:    "..well frist of all.....most businesses can't get funding for their idea.....They will be able to 
                use that Validation and Momentum, to attract Capital from some of the more traditional sources..
           (CrowdFunding) creates a much more Dynamic & Robust Entrepreneurial Economy.

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