CrowdFunding success . Wisdom of the crowd trumps the wisdom of the experts . Crowd ( customers ) is always right !

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Our research team in CrowdFunding planning run to a very important  CrowdFunding campaign and proof of concept  .

  “The Shemie,” a layering garment for women, created by Los Angeles based stylist Shelton Wilder tried to raise money through Shark Tank .

Watch the video, you see how they reacted . She is a hustler . The so called " expert" came up with questions and finally they disqualified her .

We know banks are not lending to entrepreneurs and VCs / Angle investors invest  to only 1% of  start ups and  entrepreneurs.

In the show , She mentioned she went through a bankruptcy. This means,  she graduated through state university of hardknox . ( what the

Watch and listen why shark tank "experts" did not invest on her .

She is tired CrowdFunding / CrwodSourcing ( Crowd wisdom of crowd )   and raised the seed money without diluting her company stocks and ownership .

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“The Shemie,” a layering garment for women, created by Los Angeles based stylist Shelton Wilder, has successfully launched on Kickstarter after debuting nationally on ABC’s Shark Tank.

After appearing on the critically acclaimed show for budding entrepreneurs, on Friday Oct 26th, and not securing a deal with one of the Sharks, Wilder is looking to the support of her Shark Tank fans and Shemie lovers to reach her goal of $29,000 in 30 days to start production in her home state of North Carolina.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to be on Shark Tank, which is like having a $2 million commercial forShemie, and now I’m using all of my “POSITRON” and determination for the launch.” Since Wilder’s appearance on Shark Tank, the phone has been steadily ringing with potential investors inquires, and orders from boutiques, online stores and major retailers.

For years Wilder struggled to style her clients with undergarments that would make their outfits wearable, especially when designers were making clothes too sheer, too low cut, and too short.

“I'm so excited about my ultimate layering piece, The Shemie, says Wilder. “I realized my biggest issue in dressing modern day women while trying to make my clients look beautiful at the same time was the absence of a simple staple from the past, the slip!”

The finished opaque garment is versatile enough to be worn as a layering piece, or by itself and is available in three styles: (1) the elegant Scoop, called "Meet the Parents," providing coverage without bust line exposure; (2) the Cami, called "The Hoppy Top," after the playful comfort and ease it brings; and (3) the Romper, called "Paparazzi Protector," the answer to those sexy dresses women love to wear but fear exposure. It is made of a nylon/spandex blend with adjustable straps that can be worn with a simple pair of blue jeans but is also great for hiking, yoga, tennis, or any other physical activity. Designed to compliment women's bodies of all shapes and sizes 0 – 22. (

Shelton is grateful for the exposure of her brand on Shark Tank and “I hope that my honestly and passion for my business are inspiring to everyone...I’m not giving up my dreams!”

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